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Creamers Field

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  • Truenorthed

    You'll have company ... bowhunters ... but creamers is a big area. I seen several cows last year (and a 50 incher bull). Remember to take the scope off your gun if you have it scoped. Fish and game really enforces the rules ... get sighted in for a 100 yard shot (iron sights).

    If there's snow on the ground, you'll run into lots of recreational types on snow machines. I watched a snow machine hunter zoom right past a moose last year. The moose just stood there ... there was 1/2 and inch of snow on the moose. He blended right in. I would recommend hunting on foot and moving slow. In fact, I'd find a marshy area and just hang out for a couple of hours. The moose are actually pretty active and move quite a bit because of people pushing them around the area. Hunting that area successfully requires you to hunt like a mid western deer hunter. Good luck on your hunt.

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  • Kort
    started a topic Creamers Field

    Creamers Field

    I drew a tag to hunt in November for antlerless moose with a muzzle loader in unit 20B, at the Creamers Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge. I am intrested to find out if anyone out there has hunted this area before and for any info that anyone could share with me about it. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kort

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