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Partners goat success

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  • Partners goat success

    Ok, My partner gave me the go ahead to post here I go. ( hope to write enough but not too much)
    We arrived in a heavy rain and low clouds, so the first day was just glassing the area and possible routes. Saw one goat...we went to bed hoping for clear weather, at least decent visibility.
    The next day was beautiful...we bushwhacked for about 4 hours to get to the base of the chutes and rocks. We attempted an ascent and were foiled by steep, wet terrain. We made our way (about two more hours) to an open area in the middle of the mountain where we could glass. My partner was discouraged because we had seen no goats and had worked so hard. After a snack and water and rest, we saw a couple goats walking the ridge. He was rejuvenated and we made our way towards the ridge line. A short bushwhack and then came the climbing, all fours limbs clinging to the rocks and brush. We were pushing the time line we had talked about for making it up and back when my partner reached the ridge. I stopped to drink and stretch an on coming cramp in my thigh. He poked over the top and spotted a goatís horns on a little finger ridge. He worked his way around the animal and took a 40 yard shot, he made a great shot dropping it in itís tracks. He didnít want it running off the back of the mountain never to be recovered. It wouldnít have taken much, there was not much of a top to the ridge. We roped the goat off, skinned and harvested the meat, packed up and began the descent. We roped the pack up and lowered it bit by bit until we reached the brush. The seat of our pants took a beating, but we got to a snow field, had a snack and made slushies before heading down through the alders, berry bushes etc. The next day was pouring rain again, cloudy and a lousy forecast. We didnít think busting our way back up in the rain and clouds without sighting a goat would be too productive. It was tough enough when it was dry. We packed up and my partner flew home (temporary home) to Missouri the next day. No one likes to be rained out or run out of time, but I have killed a goat before and I was glad to see his grin and help him get his first goat. I hope to get back out with my bow again before season is over...I will post the photos on the photo thread

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    Sounds like you guys had a great time . Good post thanks for the story .
    Looking forward to seeing the pic's .

    Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
    Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!



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