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Bullets for Moose and Grizzly

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  • Bullets for Moose and Grizzly

    I'll be moose and grizzly hunt this fall with my 300 Ultra Mag. What bullet types would you recommend. I want to try a few differnt types to see what the rifle likes best. Just looking for some suggestions.


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    Anything from 180 to 250 or so will work. Decide if you want a little flatter shooting(180-200) or harder hitting(over 200). Usual advice around here is for harder hitting. Just be dure you go with a quality bullet that holds together well.
    Are you reloading?
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      Can't go wrong with a Nosler Partition!


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        On the Nosler Partition. Lots of folks get caught up in the Latest/Greatest nonsense.
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          swift A frames

          What do you guys think of these bullets?


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            Admitedly, I don't shoot a .30 magnum of any sort (but do shoot '06), so I hope I'm not out of place replying here. I will have to go with what I know, which is the Swift A-Frame, in this case the 200 grain .308 version.

            This bullet is similar in construction to the Nosler Partition, except the front half is bonded. The 200 gr. in .30 (any brand) will have a sectional density exceeding .300 which should ensure adequate penetration and a Ballistic Coefficient over .400 (.444 in the case of the A-Frame) which should retain a relatively flat trajectory.

            The Swift manual (#1) lists a max velocity with this bullet at 3050fps (incidentally, that was with a 24" test barrel) for a muzzle energy of 4132 ft./lbs. and a trajectory of +2.4"@100, +2.8"@150(high point) and -3.4"@300 yds.

            I'm sure you'll be getting advice to try Barnes Triple-Shock X bullets, nothing wrong with that. Guess I haven't yet warmed to the unleaded dark side yet. ;-)

            Hope this was helpful,


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              Every A-Frame I have recovered looked exactly like the marketing photos, a perfect mushroom, and retained almost 95% of its original weight. They perform as advertised.
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                I shoot the 300 RUM as well. I have used 180gr Nosler's, but have recently started loading Hornady 180gr SST. I have been told by someone that is considered an expert that these bullets shoot flat and are a great all around bullet for Alaska big game.


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                  The last few year I have been shooting the interbonds. They open up great at 06 speeds but still hold together out of the ulta mags. And the price is right plus the acuracy is close to what I'm getting out of my Match Kings. Horse


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                    Core Lokt Ultras

                    180 gr Core Lokt Ultras did a fine job for me last fall on a nice brownie out in western Alaska. Good mushroom, good penetration and stayed completely intact. Did not measure weight retention.


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                      I use the 180 Sierra Gameking in my 30-06 with good success on moose!


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                        If you combine high weight retention in the 90% or more range along with controlled expansion you have a great bullet. Fail Safe, Barnes X, Swift A Frame and Trophy Bonded are a few of the more popular names. I favor Barnes Triple Shock for the type of game you'll be hunting, but beware they are 100% copper and longer than most other brands. Partitions are also good, but for Brownies I would want something with more weight retention. Remember no bullet can overcome poor shot placement.


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