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  • Calling bears

    I have heard people have success using a predator call for bears inland, but has anyone tried them for spring coastal bears (PWS)? I am wanting to take one with my bow and was wondering if the spring bears would respond to a call.

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    Call we used.....

    was a rabbit squealing and a calf deer call. It was a small electric call, nice and portable, but we did not get any results from using it. I thought it was a great idea(especially the calf deer wail), but we must have been in the wrong place/time. Oh yeah, it was Mem. Day weekend. We ended taking two good sized blackies later in the trip. I am curious to hear of anyone else's results with calls and bears. Good thread topic!



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      calling bears

      i am making a cd of a calf moose calling and planning on putting it in a tree and doing continuos play while i sit in a tree stand but i am doing it where there are grizzlies email me and i can get you a copy if you want it my friend should have it done by sat nick


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        I've tried/called several times on POW. Used both rabbit and fawn bleat. Almost everytime the bear was in sight before calling anywhere from 50 to 200 yards. In most cases the bear ignored the call, only after getting really loud would it give a look to see where the annoying sound was coming from. They will occasionally respond. My son shot a nice bear as it ran toward us. Afterwards he admitted how nervous he was saying "Dad, what would have happened if I missed?"


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          A guy at work was just talking the other day about it working so I just bought the Foxpro 416 in hopes that I might get some results this fall. I would think that it would be good to use just before they den up. I guess we'll see.


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