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    I heard a rumor that in 2008 PWS Black bear will be going to a draw permit. Has anyone else heard of this?

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    Thats the first I heard of it, why would they go to draw for black bear in PWS?? Are they being hunted that hard??


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      I hadn't heard the words "draw permit", but I had read a biologist report out of the Cordova office (I think) that stated they were looking at changing bag limits and/or seasons because of the increased hunting pressure. It appears more people have access to boats and the spring hunting pressure has increased dramatically over the years.


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        Thats a good point, maybe make it a fall hunt instead of spring, that will take a lot of the pressure of the bears since most people will be hunting moose/caribou or fishing for silvers.


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          I hunted over there out of Whittier before the traffic tunnel was completed. We hauled the boat on the rail car and took the tunnel. We rarely saw others hunting from Whittier. Now that the tunnel is finished, the pressure has increased a hundred fold. Its not unusual to see 10 to 15 boats of bear hunters lined up to go through the tunnel on any given week end in May/June. I've gone since the tunnel opened and where I never saw another boat, I saw three and sometimes four. Pressure has definitely increased. I have not heard about the proposal for the draw permit but it wouldn't surprise me, some changes need to be made.


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            Harvest has not grown that much

            Although the pressure has increased the harvest numbers have not increased that dramatically. The bears are definitely getting wiser to boats.


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              Not yet

              It has been discussed. The increased pressure from Whittier has made a difference on the amount of hunters. Other possibilities that were mentioned was a registration hunt, splitting 6D into half, creating a 6E unit and other possibilities. There has also been pressure from the kayak companies on that side as usually the best places to bait and access the bears are also usually the best place for the kayakers to camp. I have not seen the harvest figures from this year yet. I do not think that there was an increase in bears taken on this side as the late spring kept many up high longer.

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                The harvest went up to 300-400 bears the first year that the tunnel was opened. Having grown up in PWS, I really hated seeing boats everywhere I went, but that's the way it goes. I realize everyone has equal access to the resource, but like most people, I also enjoy not seeing anyone else while I"m out hunting. It wouldn't surprise me if they imposed more hunting restrictions. They've already shortened the season and prohibited shooting black bears from boats. Whether you want to believe it or not, the hunting pressure in PWS has increased A LOT. Trapperbob - call ADF&G and get the stats on how much the black bear harvest has increased since the tunnel opened.


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