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    I'm new to this forum. I have seen this new two person locating device. To help put your hunting partner on game. I'm just wondering if anyone out there has tried it. Or has a review on it? Its called the IC-UC quicksight.


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    maybe illegal?

    I have never heard of exactly what you are talking about but if it is electronic and you can communicate through it it is most likely not legal.


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      looks pretty handy

      I can't see that there would be anything illegal about that little device.
      I've had loads of situations black bear hunting where it would have been nice to have one of those.
      I'd like to try one.


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        I found it

        I assumed it was something to direct a partner to game , I searched it on the web and now see what it is, pretty kewl little device, especially when you are as blind as I am I can see how it could come in handy.


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          IC-UC Quicksight

          Hey, I have one of these. One of the handiest little gadgets I've ever owned. Works like a charm when you need to show your partner where the Big Bull (or anything else) is at way over on the other hillside. Instead of saying "well, ya see that snag, by the patch of yellow, just under that bunch of rocks, well he's bedded down right there" You can just hold this Quicksight up, look through one set of holes, put what ever your looking at right inside the rings you looking thru, and then have your partner look thru the other set of holes. BINGO, he (or she) know's right where your looking, and you two can go smoke the big brute!!!! I really do use mine all the time, even for killing time, it's fun to play around with. Very inexpensive for what it can do for you!!! I LOVE MINE


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