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  • 07 Sheep hunt

    I made a mistake. Went sheep hunting in 04. We didn't anticipate the tempture being 70-80 everyday. I think the warm weather kept Alaskan sheep flies active, and I got bit. After raiding the wifes cookie jar for two years, (when will they learn, men know about jars), I should have enough to go again. I've been told there's no cure. After looking at the pictures, I spiked a fever. Lord willing I will be able to attend the call of the wild in 2007. How, when, and where should I apply for any lottery? And is there a certain range where one can cool this thirst? I'm thinking the Brooks range.

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    Good news: You don't need a drawing permit to hunt sheep in the Brooks. The drawing areas are mainly limited to the Tok Management Area, Delta Controlled Use Area, and unit 14C behind Anchorage. While all of these areas hold some truly spectacular sheep, they are by no means the only way to go. There are great general season (no drawing needed) hunts to be had in the Brooks, Alaska, Chugach, and Talkeetna Mountains. Spend a few hours looking through the threads from this season and through the old forum archives. Read hunt reports, threads about various ranges, etc. That'll help you narrow down where/when you want to go. Be careful, though. Sheephunteritis is an incurable disease.



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