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  • getting meat back from Kodiak

    I'm planning a deer/elk hunt in Kodiak. What's the best/least expensive way to get meat back to Anchorage? I know it can get spendy and want to avoid making rookie mistakes.

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    Have your meat boned and frozen in meat boxes and ship through Northern Air Cargo at the Kodiak Airport. Contact Doug at (907) 487-4926. The last time I checked the NAC backhaul rate was .27/lb. Can't beat that! Good Luck!


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      If you want to be sure to get your meat back in good condition, utilize the ferries between Homer and Kodiak of Whittier to Kodiak. The Homer shuffle leaves every couple days at the most. The Whittier shuffle leaves on Thursday and returns a week later. Put a freezer or refrig in the back of your truck. They have outlets that you can plug into to get your game nice and cool.


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        1bigdeer's plan...

        is just the way I did it...NAC has freezers and works with you to assure the meat stays cold too. I've done it twice with no problems.

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          Shipping ADQ-ANC

          NAC flys Mon-Sat to ADQ (weather permitting) and arrives in ADQ @ 6 a.m. If you do de-bone and place the meat in wet lock boxes NAC has an upright FRZR with some limited space. If you fly on Andrews they have a bigger walk in FRZ/CHL that will hold quaters and up to whole deer. When the plane rolls in they take it from Andrews and place it on the NAC plane. They weather in ADQ is a bear at times and you could be delayed for days at times. So be prepared for that. I think in all my trips I have only had maybe two trips where I made it in and out of ADQ with out any weather delays. A sat phone is a great tool for ADQ. Justin


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            Alaska Airlines

            Call to find out if they still ship meat up here. They had better hours for receiving my venison, and price was competitive (I think it was around .25 per lb). They have gone to a "known shipper" program in other areas, so may not be willing to take your cargo any more. I've used NAC too, but their receiving hours didn't work for me last time.


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