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Lets see more pics and stories!

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  • Lets see more pics and stories!

    Our '06 photo gallery has all but petered out.
    I read in several of these forums lately that some of you are getting some nice animals, early moose, goats, blackies etc...
    Some of us on the ODD, especially our service guys and gals 10,000 miles away, would love to read and see YOUR hunt. If they cant be here, lets give them a look a how we're doing...
    It doesn't have to go "book" to make it on here...let's see 'em!
    Thanks alot everybody.

    Proud to be an American!

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    What about unsuccessful hunts.....if that should happen??


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      How bout a scenery post?

      I for one, now that I'm not in AK, would like to see a post with scenery shots from all the hunts! I love seeing dead critters, but some of those scenery shots are just as good! Put em up there!!


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        I'm working on another hunt, courtesy of your tax dollars, Frank. Maybe in a few days I'll have some pics. Haha.
        I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
        I have less friends now!!


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          2 friends, 12 day walkin, 2 first rams

          I am writing up the story but in the meantime here is a link to all the pics.

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            lets see 'em all...

            successful, unsuccessful, Gov't subsidized (mtrap).... its all good. I'm with ya Shoot2kill, Alaska scenery is always worth a peek!
            Proud to be an American!


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              You know I wish this forum was more picture frendly. The size requirements for URL 's is so small that you cant post the pictures without resizing them to death. Most of the other hunting forum websites allow you to attach URL's from places like photobucket without resizing them to nothing. Anyway heres a couple pics from my sheep hunt at the beginning of the season, you'll have to click on the links to view them

              Went after 2 rams at the top of the V shaped drainage in this photo that ended up not being legal(3/4 curl and 1/2 curl)

              Went after a band of 6 rams in the center of this photo there is a gradual sloping ridge of tundra and then theres a dark craggy mountain coming up from the center of the sloping ridge off in the distance. Closed the distance to 1000 yards only to have the Diascope 85 tell us none of them were legal. 2 3/4 curls and 4 smaller ones.


              This was where we set camp the night before the stalk on the 2 sub legal rams, it was the day before opening day


              Yes the weather was great on this day and this day only.

              Heading back out on this Sunday for sheep and **** sure hope to have better photos ( like of something dead!) when I get back.

              The attempts on these sheep were made throughout the next 5 days. This was just the second day we were out there and getting a good look around, oh and enjoying the awesome weather too.


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                Here's the Chugach sheep I got a couple days ago. Hope that helps.

                BTW, it's a direct URL copy from Photobucket.


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                  My Ram


                  MY ram on open day 2006.


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                    Here is my wifes first animal. We went to Valdez this weekend saw 15 bears and she picked this one out. Not a bad weekend the kids and dog had a blast and the downpour never happened.

                    She shot it from 200 meters winchester M70 270 WSM, Federal 140g, will take a pick of the recovered bullet later. Not much left of it. Hit the bear in the right front upper leg completely through the chest found under the skin on the opposite side. Had to finish her off at close range in the brush with a 375H&H. All that was visible through the brush was her head as she was facing us. My wife took the shot. Needless to say a 375 does the job well at 15 ft.

                    I have attached a link to the skull pick for those that do not mind gore.

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                      Click image for larger version

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