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Nunivak muskox spring hunt info request

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  • Nunivak muskox spring hunt info request

    My wife drew a Nunivak spring muskox tag. I am trying to set up the hunt from Iraq for her. I have seen on previous threads that the phone numbers are listed for the guides and transporters. I do not have the amount of time needed to call all of them. If anyone has email addresses or possibly a website to contact these gentleman it would be greatly appreciated. If internet information is not available, an updated phone list will work and I will just have to make time to call. I am compiling a list of questions I have and I will send it to any hunter who wants to help me out. If any other hunters who were blessed with this hunt in the past would like to answer questions or post any information, I thank you in adavnce. I would or would not do a specific thing for sure if I ever get drawn again thoughts from you would really help. This will be my first 100% not do-it-yourself hunt. Charting into unknown territory. I have heard all of the guides and transporters are top-notch. Thanks again.

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    Musk Ox Hunt

    I did this hunt last March, sent you a PM.


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      did a search online...

      Found only 2 outfitters there, Nunivak Outfitters, & Ed Shaving's Sr. no website...


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        Send me a PM

        Send me a PM I can work on helping you get things worked out, I live out here.


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          ADF&G usually sends out a list of winners to all of the guides and transporters on the Island. They usually solicite business by giving you a call.


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            Abe David, he's a transporter. 827-8512. It's a bummer Era does not fly out there anymore. It was a lot cheaper booking when they did because they were partner with Alaska. If you do get stuck there at MYU, make sure you call Alaska at Bethel and reserve a seat on the day you are able to fly out. Otherwise you might have to spend a night in Bethel because once the weather is nice, everyone from the villages just piles into Bethel to catch the limited seats to ANC. Great experience, good luck.


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              Anymore info

              I will keep the Bethel phone number in my wallet. Thanks for the info all. I know there is a lot more folks on this site who have done this hunt. Share the info.


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                So who is now flying into MYU now that Era is out?

                Other options for ANC to BET are Grant and Frontier. We ended up using Frontier to get back to Anchorage after we missed our connection and got stuck in Bethel for a night. Give yourself at least a few hours in Bethel between flights. Good thing about Frontier is no TSA security.

                I've heard some good things about Abe David from some people who have gone with him.


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                  We went last spring with James Whitman, 1st class. I drew a tag this time and we are going back with James in March. 827-8620

                  Good Luck and Thanks


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                    Grant and hageland

                    Grant still has two flights a day to Nunivak, one in the morning and one in the evening. Hageland has added a flight to Nunivak as well, they come out about 1:30 in the afternoon. Round trip right now is about 270.


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                      price increase

                      Do the flights from Bethel to Nunivak go up in price on short notice like the other flights or stay the same?


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                        Usually stay the same...

                        Unless they increase the price...Ever since Era went out of Business, Grant & Hageland's jacked the price up 2 fold, for numerous reasons, the biggest one was feul cost, & the 2nd reason was trying to recoup some of the loss with the Era Aviation competition...Look to Yute Air for some more inexpensive costs...Good luck...


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                          same price

                          gogoalie the price to and from nunivak on grant and hageland is the same as before ERA left town. 270


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                            What is a ballpark price one could expect to pay to do this hunt once drawn?


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                              When I went with Abe David in 1996 he wanted $1500. a person. We had 4 of us going so he let us all go at the same time for $4000.00. We arrived in Mekoryuk at about 10AM and had 5 Musk Ox on the ground by 6PM.


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