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North Slope Grizzly??!!

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  • North Slope Grizzly??!!

    Has anyone been seeing any Grizzly on the slope anywhere lately? Drew a tag and am looking foward to spending some time looking and stalking just would like to narrow the search window as much as possible. Thanks!!

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    check north of PS3

    It's been a week or so since I drove the road. Majority of my trips north I see bear north of PS 3. Depending on caribou herd movement, sometime they have been spotted on the east side of the sag.


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      Thanks lifetimehunter that helps narrow it down quite a bit. I've saw bears by pump 2 and north myself just looking for any new sightings and great info like yours to get a start point.


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        Look for gut piles if you can. Past pump station 2 to franklin bluffs. I have seen good Bears. I drew that tag two years ago and saw several bears but the were sows with cubs. I did find one boar and had him with in 15 yards of me. I passed on it. He was only about 5 footer. Was looking for a 6. It can be a hit or miss with the bears up there.
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          I've seen bears from just the other side of the pass to to Dead Horse, like everyone has said, look for gut piles along the road. There's plenty of bears out there, just gotta be in the right place at the right time.


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