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How do you judge 50 inches?

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  • How do you judge 50 inches?

    I would like to get some ideas on how do you judge 50 inches on a Moose?


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    Check the archives...

    I'd like to offer you some suggestions, but I know some of the guys on here can explain it easier and offer better info, but if you check the archives, I know this has been discussed in great detail multiple times. You should be able to find what you are looking for in there. Good luck!


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      read this thread

      The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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        I am headed up in Sep. on my first moose hunt. Most areas seem to be 50"or 3 brows. I will not shoot unless it has three brows or unless my partner and I decide that it is WAY obvious that it is WELL over 50"s. Nonetheless I am going to count brow tines to determine wheather or not to shoot. Best of luck!


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          You get your hunting partners to jump on his back, hold him down while you approach with a tape measure. NO! Sorry! couldn't resist. Seriously,
          As mentioned by others in previous posts. F&G has an excellent video on judging moose. I bought it a few years ago. It even has a good number of bulls at the end as a test asking you what you think, it then gives you the "right" answer and why. I think it comes with the meat care video now.


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            50" = 5 x the distance between the antler bases....

            or........ hire a guide *lol*

            anyhow that's how I cypher it and I'm normally within an inch or so......

            this requires a straight on look and your mind has to be able to do some estimating.....

            there are several other methods but this is the one I use

            to be totally honest I'm not looking for 51" moose though I'm looking really to see if he's in the 60" class or not


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