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Valdez Goats in Oct.

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  • Valdez Goats in Oct.

    looking for someone who might have some info on hunting goats from valdez in mid oct. does anyone know when the reg hunts around there have been closed in the past? are there any goats to be had from the road? any help would be great, i might have a few days in mid oct and thought about driving over that way to see if i could find some goats/bears of any color.
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    I've heard....

    from a friend in Valdez that he and his partner used atv's from the road somewhere just Valdez side of Thompson pass to get their goats on the registration hunt. They often spot Goats from their house in town...soooo...I'm sure there are apportunities from the road system. I'm sure you already have tried, but maybe the Valdez F&G office or Glennallen even.

    Good luck!


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