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  • Black Bear Hunting

    Can you hunt off major trails is my question for today? Still trying to get my black bear, I've been unsuccessful the last month on the weekends. I havent seen a thing!!!!!! and was just wondering if you guys have ever hunted bear this way. I was just going to go down to Resurection and hike some of that. Just wondering what you guys think of this. I've nevered hunted bear before, and feel lost in stupidty.......................... Just kidding its just something new for me and have to learn like everyone else I guess. Thanks Everybody

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    bear info.

    i was out saturday in the kenai mountains. we found some bear scat here and there and it had seeds from lower elevation plants and berries. we did'nt see any bears up high in berry patches . hopefully they'll move up shortly where you can spot em.


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      Your Black Bear

      If you go past the Y on the way to Seward and glass the hills you will see Black Bears. They are there. Two friends of mine took a 6'10" and a 7'1" Black Bear in the last two years in that area. They spotted from the road and traveled light and fast. Be persistent, watch the wind and post a picture of your BIG BLACK BEAR !!!...Have fun !!!


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