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  • Petersville Update.....

    Went to Petersville over the weekend. Weather was good. A few rain showers on Saturday. What happened to the Mosquitos? Did not see any of the buggers.

    Petersville road is ok for travel. We went approximately a mile past the canyon. The only area not easily accesble is behind the Forks RoadHouse. The bridge is being repaired. Might be fixed by the upcoming holiday weekend.

    Went for a Saturday evening hunt. During the 40 minute rain storm, I had a moose, fork on one side, come within 15 feet of me. My scope was fogged up and my pistol was tucked nicely away in my sixwheeler gear box. Instead of taking a chance and placing an easy open, close range shot, I watched him. He spotted me and took off for Fairbanks.

    I'll be out there again this Holiday weekend.

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    my boss went up on friday and went grouse hunting. He had never been there before and i gave him directions. He said that there was 4 feet of water on the road only a few miles past the roadhouse. Has the water gone down that much allready? He never made it to the canyon.
    I can't wait to get out and do some ptarmagan hunting after my caribou trip.


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      Yes the water has gone down that much. The road has been repaired. There is new gravel on some stretches.


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        You see any bears?


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          Did not see any bears or any sign.


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