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  • Tazlina Float

    I am doing a float hunt down the Tazlina river 3-9 Sept and was wondering if anyone has any experiance or stories they would like to share. We have 16' raft and are floating from the crossing of the Glenn before Eureka to Glennallen. 2 of us in the raft, moose and bear hunting. Does anyone have river conditions, or hunting advice for this trip? I've hunted the area on foot and on ATV's but never from the river. Any advice, thoughts or or pointers could be helpful.


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    where are you starting?

    tazlina lake? let us know how it is.


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      Starting at

      We are starting on the Tazlina river where it crosses the Glenn (can't remember mile marker), then floating down to the lake, across the lake and all the way to just past Glennallen where it crosses the Richardson. Has anyone done this float before? It should be a nice relaxing float and I think with all the rain, the lowlands should be pretty marshy, it looks like it is all the time. We plan on stopping at some of the backwaters and scouting those areas also. Just nothing too far from the river, or the raft I should say. No sense packing too far.



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        The Tazlina does not cross the Glenn Hwy. You will have to put in at the Little Nelchina, float down to the Nelchina River, float down that to the lake, and then row down the lake 8 or 9 miles before the current picks back up in the river. Just hope the wind isn't blowing on the lake or you might need to walk the raft along the shore. I'm not trying to scare you off. This is not an area I hunt, but you may need to do a little more research before the trip. I don't see much hunting being done down stream of the lake do to the canyon walls either. Most of it will probably be best on the Nelchina River stretch down to the lake. Make sure to watch out for all the private and/or native lands around the lake also. Good luck!


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          Thanks for clarification

          Thanks for pointing that out, Mod. We are putting in off the Glenn, but it is the Little Nelchina (part of the Tazlina River system) then down the Nelchina to Tazlina lake to the Tazlina River. That is the most likely spot to put in (if not only) and I have talked with folks that have made that trip, about 4 days at only 4-5 hrs a day. If anyone knows about any other spots, let me know, like maybe Euerka creek to the Nelchina. We will probably go with what we know though, the Little Nelchina. That should be as good as any to put in at. It's past the point of not going now, just trying to find out some info. We might have a small outboard for the lake. At least we will have some time to do alittle fishing as we cross.


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            Sounds good!

            The rivers will be fast so you will have more time to scout around and hunt. The small outboard would be nice to take in order to have a little more freedom on the lake. Then you could motor toward the glacier a ways and scope out some more ground on the west side before heading on down to the mouth. I did make a trip up to the lake from the Tazlina bridge in the boat this year and didn't see any big game. That was about 5 weeks ago though. Have fun!


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