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Success at point Mckenzie

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  • Success at point Mckenzie

    For you trophy hunters this may not seem like much but for us it is a years worth of meat. My wife and i were driving up a little trail at the end of Point Mckenzie road when a cow ran right in front of us headed down to some thick stuff then by the time i got off the machine she had turned around and ran right in front of us 50 yards away! One shot form the 300 and it was over. This hunt was very special as it was my wifes first big game hunting experience, granted she did not pull the trigger as it was i that had the permit but she did help skin, bone and lift the moose. We were fortunate we did not have to pack. Earlier that day we were down in some very swampy wet muddy stuff and saw no moose. We went up higher and ran into this one. Well now that she has experienced it we might head out with the call later this season just for fun, with no pressure. You have to love it when you can convert a nordstrom girl! Chef

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    Glad you were able to connect. A full freezer is a great trophy. It is good to have a hunting wife. However now she will want a "designer" rifle to go with her designer handbag!


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      For Sure....

      My wife harvested her first big game animal this spring, a black bear with one perfectly placed shot. It was a very special moment for both of us...I think I was just as nervous as she was. Thanks for the read.....


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        Sincere congrats, both on the meat and the experience!
        "Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
        Merle Haggard


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          Congrats, Chef! I was out on Friday night and Saturday morning just north of you, close to Big Lake. I saw two of the biggest cows I've ever seen, but no bulls. Someone about a mile further down the trail got something, but I'm not sure if it was a bull or a cow. It's great to hear of another successful outing! I must admit, though, I'm feeling a bit jealous...



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            All right Chef!Got my cow friday night in Sutton.Nothing like fresh tenderloin and eggs!


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              Good job on getting your cow. Sounds like you have plenty of good meat in the freezer now. Figured you'd get one, since it sure sounded like you were determined to put the time in.

              Glad to hear your wife is still enjoying it too. Thats a huge win.


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