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  • Tips

    Not money.
    I am talking about others sharing tips that have helped them in the past.
    For starters I'll throw out some that have helped me.
    1. Carry along a couple of large plastic trash bags. Put the quarters or boned out meat in them as you slide them into your pack. It makes the quarters go in and out a lot easier. Less clean up to do on the pack as well.
    2. Carry in your pack or in your pocket, a piece of the thinnest visqueen you can find. It is tough stuff. A 10'x20' piece can fit in your pocket. Use it to cover a meat pole, yourself in a downpour or your gear laid out around your spotting area.
    3. Parachute cord. Don't leave camp without it. nuf said
    4. Flag tape. Immediately flag a kill site visible from all directions. Remove the flag tape with your last load out. This is done for numerous reasons, all will become obvious after it is done.
    Good Hunting
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    A few items

    I carry a small piece of 1/2 dense foam to sit on. It keeps the cold wet ground off my butt.

    Sometimes I carry a dry stick to break. The sound stops a moose in its tracks with out scaring it.

    A small folding saw can be used to build a bed out of branches or a shellter, split a moose open and it's safer than an ax

    A small plastic bottle of Ammonia to stop a Mosquito bite from itching.

    2-Arial maps of my hunting area. One 4 inches and the other 8 inch to the mile with lon/lat line, moose trails, and scrape marks on it.

    small headlamp

    reflected trail marker, you can't see a tape flag at night.



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      Tube balloons(for balloon animals) for muzzle caps--I like them better than duct tape or electricians tape.

      For when my rifle is lashed to my pack--A wide rubber band around the stock and bolt handle keeps your bolt from being pulled open by the brush, which happened to me

      Put heat-shrink tubing on all your metal zipper pulls and add 2-3 inch pigtails--I use gutted para cord

      For cold weather backpack hunts:
      Carry charcoal hand warmers and spare boot insoles/liners. Rotate your insoles each day, sleeping with them to dry them out and as soon as you wake up put a hand warmer in the toe of each boot.
      Bring a small camp towel to mop condensation off your tent walls before it gets all over your stuff
      Finally--Never, never, never sleep in the clothes you hunt in...ever unless of course you like being clammy and cold
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        bring zip ties...

        also known as cable ties. (The one-way plastic gadgets they use for handcuffs nowadays.)
        Pack a few different sizes. They work for everything.
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