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  • Nelchina Caribou

    Any ideas on whereabout the Nelchina Caribou herd is at now??

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    Last I heard folks were still wacking them out of eureka.


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      When did you hear that, Blink? The wife and I are going after them next weekend. Eureka is closer, but we were thinking the Denali Highway. I'd love a current report, though.



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        Brian, my wife is a taxidermist and the last bull brought in (this past week) was taken out of eureka. not sure how far in though. She hasnt had any turned in off of the denali yet.

        If it changes, I'll let you know


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          Nelchina hunters dropping off their bulls to be thats Tier II at it's finest!


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            Nelchina "hunt"

            AK 45, I detect some irony in your post, possibly because I feel the same way.
            My child was inmate of the month at Mat-Su pre-trial Correctional facility.


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              Mkay........maybe just a little bit.


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                Heys guys, why the continual potshots at Nelchina hunters that are asking every bit of serious hunting questions as others? I'm sure if you applied and were awarded a tag, in the interest of being a true blue "sport hunter" you wouldn't accept it right? Just like us "subsistence hunters" would never keep a rack for the wall, much like the old trapper cabins that never had any horns hanging either. Anyhow, I hope all this has an element of humor throughout...........the real irony is that this continual carping splits the hunting community and weakens our voice. As previously discussed, this is what the courts have dictated, so don't fault the individual just cause he's (essentially) lived here longer than yourself-that my friend, reeks of sour grapes. You should have been around for the Permanent Fund's origins, which would have awarded $50/year per year of residency, but was tossed by the courts. I can imagine the howls of unfairness emanating from the "newer-newcomers", especially in today's entitlement society.

                So much for the soapbox and to the question of updates: We took one average bull (and yes, left the rack in the field) last Saturday afternoon (after seeing about 40-50) on the Paxson end, and from all accounts there are a good averall quantity of animals scattered between McLaren to Paxson and down to the Alphabets. The water is high and the trails muddier than normal. Several rivers (E. Gulkana) and Rock Creek are uncrossable in all but the big Nodwells, etc. The reports from Eureka are good but I can't speak for the water levels or how far in, but the weather was good all weekend so they should be dropping if it holds. At Tangle, it got down into the 20's at night temperature wise, which made for perfect meat curing, and man was that heart dinner as good as ever.


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                  Irony or...

                  sarcasm or both?

                  The Nelchina hunt situation is one I haven't kicked about in the past. I figure the longtimers have earned the right. (bwake)
                  Generally speaking bou are abundant in this state. Maybe if it weren't the case I'd be pushing someone off the soapbox and climb'n on...
                  Proud to be an American!


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                    The potshots are at the system and those who apply using false information to gain a tag. I won't ever put in for it because I know I don't have a chance of ever drawing a tag so why waste the paper. I'll put in for draws or hunt where it's a general season hunt, no big deal. All this bs about living here longer and having "earned" the rights to those tags is just that, bs. How long does a person have to live here to be treated the same as someone who has lived here for 20 years or was born here?? Hunting is a privilege, not a right and we should all treat it that way.


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                      bwake - Have you heard anything about the Cantwell side of the Maclaren? I was hoping to stick to the close side of the Denali this weekend. I know there will be hordes of moose hunters, but I'll just be focusing on finding a bou. (Of course, I wouldn't pass up a moose....)


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                        If we get everything done around home I plan on taking the atv's out for a ride in back of Eureka Lodge wed or thur. If we see any I'll make a posting here.


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                          Nelchina / Cantwell Side

                          I only know that the road is terrible right now to about mile 60 (or just the Cantwell side of Moores Camp) and may not even be passable if the Brushkana & Seattle Creek bridges were damaged. Normally I hunt that side first too, but that road is just miserable on a good day and I imagine it would be a 20 MPH drive, esp. if you're pulling a trailer. Plus, I know that Butte creek has to be unfordable for a while which rules out the Susitna Trail.

                          You might want to stay in the McLaren area to start, although if they decide to move things can change fast as you know. A boat or canoe in the Tangles could be worthwhile if you have access to the fishing combo is always nice

                          Good Luck


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                            Originally posted by AkHunter45 View Post
                            ......All this bs about living here longer and having "earned" the rights to those tags is just that, bs..

                            Just like the federal subsistence program.

                            Hunting is a privilege, not a right and we should all treat it that way.
                            I disagree. Hunting is a right, and shouldn't be taken away unless abused.


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                              This world is growing. We all lose our "spots". We need to figure out a way to make it fair for all hunters/outdoorsmen. I moved here 6 years ago because I was losing my "spots" back home to development. I can see why you guys wanna hang on, cause this is the Last Best Place. Hell, If I was grandfathered into this hunt, I would want to hang on too!! But the population of Earth is growing, and resources are getting used.
                              If the Nelchina hunt was a draw, and I never ever got drawn, I would have no complaints. At least I had a chance. But the tier II being subsistance? I interpret subsistance as dependance. Not the way this hunt is going with all the motercoaches and fourwheelers from anchorage. This is the point in my post where I need to shut up.

                              By the way, I have nothing against Rifle hunters. Just in case anyone is wondering.
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