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    Iam planning on taking two carribou hunts one in 08 and the other in 09, followed by a moose hunt in 2010, then I would like to do a goat or sheep hunt in 2011 or 12, and for the finall hunt a brown bear in 2012 or 2013. The bou hunts will be out of Bethel or Kotz haven't decided yet. My question is I want to know what kind of tent, sleeping bag, boots, back pack, clothing, and optics everyone would recommend. I am not to worried about price I just want the best gear, becuase my life will depend on it. Also would everyone recommend ordering this stuff online or purchasing it in a store. I have roughly 24 months to get everything so I should have enough time. I have the money for the first bou hunt already saved, just need the gear. All opinion welcomed.

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    Thats alot of gear and info there....

    Whitesnake. Ya might checkout the archives to start. There are many posts about everything you seek.
    Its gonna take some homework, but really it'll save you time and money by getting the hot setup the first time.

    One more thing. Gear for different species and hunts can vary like night and day. So in your search through the archives, clue in on the hunt thats planned or referenced by the poster.

    Click on "Old Forums" at the upper right to begin that homework...Hey, getting there is half the fun!

    Proud to be an American!


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      order of your hunts

      If I was you I would do a sheep or goat hunt first, due to the amount of work required. don't know how old you are but the mountains are true work. Just a thought.



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        A book for ya...

        You may want to include Marc Taylor's book series (two books) "Hunting Hard...In Alaska" into your research. He answers a lot of questions about hunting up here, especially if you're going to pack your gear into the bush.


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          Chris Batin's "Hunting in Alaska"

          If you don't have one already, pick up a copy of Chris Batin's excellent book entitled, "Hunting in Alaska". It provides a great overview of hunting each species around the state, by Game Management Unit. To my knowledge, this is the only book to cover this in such detail; anyone who is sport hunting in this state needs a copy on their shelf. Chris is the most published author on hunting and fishing in Alaska, is a field editor for Outdoor Life magazine, and holds numerous national awards for his work in providing information of this kind to hunters and anglers. He also does seminars and clinics throughout the year, most notably at the Great Alaska Sportsman Show, and the Fairbanks Outdoor Show.

          Check it out!

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            Since from your location, you're a nonresident, your guide for the sheep, goat and grizzly/brown bear hunt will be able to advise you on the gear you will need. (Unless you have a relative within the second degree of kin up here.) They will usually have the camp gear. For the caribou and moose hunts, get a good, four season tent with a low profile. The wind up here on the tundra can get pretty bad. For three man tents that are only good for two and some gear, Eureka K-2XT, Sierra Designs Igloo, and similar are what you may consider. For fall hunts a would recommend a good 0 degree sleeping bag, and no down. Quality raingear is a must, you will get rained on. As already stated, the archives have all the info you may need. What part of Ohio are you from?


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              I would like to say thanks to everyone for your help. I am going to have to check in to getting that book about Alaska. As far as what part of Ohio I am from I live in West Central, Ohio.
              Thanks again,


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