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    Hey Guys,

    I am hoping to make it up to do a solo caribou hunt off of the Dalton next yr or the yr after. Just wondering if someone could answer for me which units the high way runs through. Want to read there rules and regs but not sure of the units to look at. Also how crowded do you think it will be 5 miles off the road.

    Tom L

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    Unit 26B and I would be surprised if you saw another hunter 5 miles out. Plan for 5 1/2 in case a bull comes in behind you.

    Do your home work with the topo maps and plot where the 5 mile line is and definitely use a GPS. If you get checked at a game station with a rifle killed animal, wildlife troopers will want details on your kill location.
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      5 miles

      The GPS is a must and I wouldn't expect to see anyone else. Take a sled so you can drag your caribou meat out as it's easier than making a couple trips. ( by sled I don't mean snowmobile ) Cabelas sells plastic ones in their duck hunting gear for pretty cheap. Good luck
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        I been out the 5 miles before. There are areas out the with small cans lined up in row a far as you can see. They are exactly 5 miles out. Wonder who put them out there. But like what erik said take a map and study it. One way can be 5 miles but you look on a map and there could be a road to either side that isn't five miles out
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