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  • trophy value...

    Just curious if anybody has had a trophy they had harvested stolen or detroyed, and what was it worth? what does the insurance company say?...Certainly the sentimental value is the biggest thing.

    I was perusing ebay and found this monster ram...this is worth a peek!

    I personally cant imagine spending money on something I hadnt harvested.
    Proud to be an American!

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    That's a beautiful animal...I would purchase it if I had the money, just as a "museum peice"...


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      $4k? Ouch!


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        That thing looks like a Texas dall on a Dalls sheep cape!


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          Looks Texas 2 me also

          I have to say it appears to be an exotic look rather than the real deal


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            It looks like these guys not Alaska Dalls. Long horns with small bases.



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              Maybe it's a scam for a quick 4K?


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                Hmm, not sure but it looks as though the Texas dall's have no real prominent annual rings on the horns, whereas the one in the auction clearly does. Either way, that is quite the impressive sheep. $4k though, yikes!

                On another note..."The sheeps left horn has several inchs repaired at the bend to the tip" How many inches, and define "repaired" does come to mind....


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                  Yeah who knows, I know I havent seen a 40"+ ram with 11" bases recorded anywhere.


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                    yep, good point, Roland. That makes me a bit skeptical...

                    But...... when you think about it, any old (11,12 y.o. etc) sheep that doesnt genetically have big bases could conceivably grow horns like these. As long as the ram doesnt broom them and is given enough time. Thoughts?
                    Proud to be an American!


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                      I think your on to something fullkurl. It seems to stand to reason that genetically thinner horns will be longer, unless brooming occurs, due to more energy being directed towards length. Hmm.


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                        Frank my Brooks ram was only 36" on his longest side he had just under 13" bases and he was 13 years old, aged by myself and F&G. I dont know how much older than that folks kill em. This picture aint the best but you can see the rings.


                        Oh and yes he looks really bad in the picture, that was after an 800 foot straight drop wipe out on cragg rock.Here is him now.

                        Last edited by AlaskaCub; 08-26-2006, 16:51.


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                          Utard,,,you nailed it.
                          I was sitting here reading these posts when it dawned on me.
                          Why don't Texas dalls have pronounced annuli? Simple: They "evenly" grow horns all their lives as evidenced by the neato pics Akcub layed out for us. No "let off" in nutritional supply to the ram or horn.
                          Look at the 11-12 month old sheep, he is 1/3 of a full curl already.
                          The ebay ram's horns display typical annuli--exactly what we sheep hunters see on our walls daily.
                          As we know, one would expect to find these annuli in Alaskan or Yukon examples of orvis dali.
                          I have noticed sheep in warmer latitudes with pronounced annuli, but consider the rut and lack of nutrition during these times etc.
                          Its the real deal, says I! Nay sayers?

                          PS...Roland, those growth rings are awesome. I've never seen a ram with more growth rings so even and numerous. Quite the monarch and trophy!
                          Proud to be an American!


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                            Good catch Frank, youre right there arent visible annuali on the Texas Dall.


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                              My trophy up for sale!

                              This is a trophy that I took a while back. It does have sentimental value but I need the cash.



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