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    This may seem stupid but here goes. I drew a point Mckenzie cow permit. Two of us hunted very hard last week in our traditional power line area, one area near a lake and at the end of the road. We did not see a single moose nor even much sign. Anyone have any ideas? The last several years we always saw cows and a few bulls. The wet weather is terrible any suggestions on a different hunting method? We tried the glassing, the riding and the walking thorugh the neck deep grass to no avail. Granted the weather stunk but i sure would like to fill this tag as it took many years before i got it! If some one is familier of the area and would not mind sharing or if some one has an idea and would share it would be appreciated. Thanks Chef

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    Chef - I don't have much to offer, but I've gotta say that I noticed much the same thing a little further north in 14A. Last year I only had to hunt the area 2 days before I got a spike, but in that time I saw lots of cows and another sub-legal bull. I spent a day and a half out there during the early bow season two weeks ago and only saw one cow. There was LOTS of sign, though, so I've still got hope...but the moose were just MIA. Good luck to you...that sure is a coveted tag. At least you've got plenty of time to keep hitting it.



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      Your not alone chef!I drew a dm407 and I have been out every night since the 20th.I won't even tell you how many miles I covered last night because you wouldn't believe me.I seen cows the the whole week before opener but not now.Taking the family out EARLY Sunday and stomp some powerline trails and back roads near Sutton.Just wanted to let you know that your not alone,good luck!


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        I drew that tag a few years ago and hunted the first several weeks with my bow. I was seeing 5-6 cows a day and continually blew the stalk. Finally, the last week of the season I said "screw the bow!" and grabbed my rifle........I never saw another cow....and never got a moose.

        My advice for that area though, is EARLY morning. I was out before daylight and once I was about 2 miles off the pavement on Pt. Mac road, I would slow waaay down and (shh...don't tell anybody) roadhunt. Creeping along when it is barely light enough to see was when I saw lots of animals. As it got lighter and more traffic started coming along, I got out of the truck and started walking the 4-wheeler trails. When I got to a high spot, I would sit and glass for a while. I think the key is patience.

        I drew the DM406 this year (on Baldy behind Wasilla) and passed on a small cow and saw another small one on Monday. I'll be headed out again this Sunday/Monday for sure.

        Good luck and take it slow.

        The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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          I'm not sure exactly the area you drew. But if you have a boat I would go down the Little Sue a couple miles, find a high spot and keep an eye out. It is difficult to see moose from the river as it is usually a couple feet lower than the banks. But if you get out and take a walk you will be sure to find a cow.


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            I live just down the road from Point Mackenzie and hunt that area quite a bit. There's plenty of moose out there, you just need to know where to look. It's the over-looked spots where you'll find the moose and not the areas where there is 50+ guys riding the same spot on four-wheelers. I was just out there the other night for two hours and saw two cows and two bulls. I'll send you a pm.


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              I believe your permit will allow you to use the lil' sue, hunting on the east side of the river... If you don't have a boat, I am willing to bet someone would be willing to motor you and hunt with you for a portion of the meat. I drew the west side and have seen many cows, but got my eye on getting a bull still. Don't give up still lots of time to enjoy hunting...


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