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  • First Time on Kodiak!

    Hi all - you've been a great help in the past and I'm hoping for any advice for a lower 48'er. I'll be heading to Kodiak Island in mid-November to try for Sitka blacktail.

    This is an unguided hunt out of Old Harbor. We stay in Old Harbor and go out to the hunting areas by boat each day. Possibly might get to try some fishing or sea duck hunting if things go well on the deer hunt.

    Of course, as someone who grew up in the middle of the U.S., thousands of miles from Alaska, the word Kodiak Island automatically conjures up visions of giant bears and adventuresome souls.

    I'm excited at this opportunity, and would appreciate any feedback on hunting out of the Old Harbor area for deer.

    As always, thanks.

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    Mr 57

    Congrats on your upcoming trip to Kodiak .
    You will love it and more than likely this will be one of many trips to the Island !!!!!!!
    I hve not hunted Old Harbor but my son-n-law has and at the same time of year you are going over .
    He limited out will pleanty to choose from .
    It dosent hurt that he also lives there in the town of Kodiak with my Daughter .
    I have hunted off the road system once and out of uganik (spelling) bay 7 times .Limited out everytime .Lots of deer on Kodiak .
    Sorry not to much help for ya .
    Enjoy your trip.

    Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
    Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!



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