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How does Musk Ox taste?

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  • How does Musk Ox taste?

    I am thinking about hunting musk ox within the next few years, but have no idea what it tastes like. I'm sure its most likely just fine, I love moose, elk, deer and I like my odds. Anyone have gripes about the meat?

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    Muskox is terrible. Don't even bother applying! I'd compare it to eating the tarsal glands of a whitetail in rut.

    Just kidding. Muskox is awesome! It is one of the few wild game animals with marbled meat. When I've shot them in mid winter, they still have INCHES of fat across their rump and back.


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      I agree. It's delicious.


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        Good stuff for sure!


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          Some Muskox taste bad

          I was very happy when F&G called in January 05 to tell me I was the first alternate to hunt muskox on Nunivak Island. The hunt was great and I harvested an old bull with my bow on the 2nd day. The 228 lbs of boned out meat was cooled quickly and back in Anchorage within a few days. I had tasted muskox from those taken by friends and was really looking forward to a freezer full of great meat.

          The meat is awful. We ate it until I shot a sheep in August and my wife refuses to feed it to the kids anymore. We are thinking of making into sausage.


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            Tastes like...

            Reminds me of when I asked a guy from Togiak who had just come back from a successful walrus hunt, "So, what does walrus taste like?" He hesitated while he thought about the question and then he just mumbled..."tastes like walrus"

            I realized then what why he hesitated...he was thinking, "he knows it's walrus, why does he wonder what it tastes like?"
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              Tastes like Chicken!


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                As with any wild game, if you shoot a old swamp buck or a young animal the flavor and tenderness will vary considerably. I've found from my experience most cuts of meat from a muskox to be very tasty, but not always.


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                  Originally posted by Kurt S View Post
                  Tastes like Chicken!

                  I second that
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