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  • Bring Your Rain Gear!

    Hi folks,

    This is a note to mostly non-residents who may not have heard that Alaska is getting totally soaked with rain this month. I've heard of hunts having to be cancelled in what looks like one of the wettest Augusts we've had in a while. Rivers are really high, and mountains are invisible in those clouds. Airplanes don't like to fly in that kind of weather (there's rocks in some of those clouds, as they say). So flight schedules are likely to be delayed on either or both ends of your hunt. Plan accordingly and don't make arrangements so you HAVE to be somewhere within three or four days after your hunt.

    Good luck to you moose hunters, the season is almost upon us!

    Michael Strahan
    Site Owner
    Alaska Hunt Consultant
    1 (406) 662-1791

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    Just when you think.....

    the weather might clear starts pouring again. It was FINALLY a great day in Fairbanks yesterday. I could actually see the Alaska Range and Denali on my way to a beautiful August day.

    Woke up this morning....pouring again! Just when you think we might dry out......


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      ALWAYS plan on getting rained on during a hunt up here. As Mike stated, its been very, very wet up here. I think we've only had 2 or 3 dry days so far this month. For those going on a float, the force of the water in one river actually broke the rowing frame on a friend's raft, so be very careful out there, be safe.


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        Delayed return flight

        My personal best for a delayed pickup was 8 days. Walking out (about 45 miles) was starting to become an option. Keep this in the back of your mind when planning meals and such. A stretch of bad weather can keep any pilot from getting to you.

        The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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          I've been delayed by 6 days once, and 5 days another time. On the 5 day one, we started eating ground squirrels marinated in teryaki sauce by the 3rd day of the delay. We didn't run completely out of food, but after an unsuccessful hunt those chubby little buggers started looking awfully tasty!

          I am just about to lose my mind with this rain. I don't mind being wet while hunting, but this is bordering on ridiculous. On a happier note, I just booked my ticket to Mexico for March. Sunshine....sweet, sweet sunshine.



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            LOL.........i hear ya Brian, i've been going bonkers for almsot 2 weeks myself! I guess i've been pretty lucky, I was only delayed one day and that was for a flight into the Brooks, don't know if i could stoop to eating ground squirrels though. The wifes been telling me to cheer up for the past couple of weeks, I'll cheer up next weekend when I'm chasing those chubby white things with the curly horns!! Looks like the Impertech will get a good workout. Oh yeah, we are booked for Maui in the middle of February, can't wait to hit the sand and partake in the pleasure of the mighty MaiTai!!


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