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Tikka Destroys Leupold

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  • Tikka Destroys Leupold

    Well apparently the recoil from a Tikka T3 Lite in 338 WM is too much for a Leupold VX-II 3-9x40 . My buddy went to check his zero on his Tikka and shot it just fine for several rounds. Went out into the field last night and tried to turn the power down from 9 to 3 and she no move no more. Has anyone seen this before. She is stuck on 9 power and will not turn. The scope is 3 months old, and was bought at Sportsmans. Looks like he will find out how fast Leupolds' customer service is, a week and half before season opens!

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    Tell your buddy...

    to call Leupold, they're guarnteed for life regardless of ownership, & they will send him a new one, & then he has to send the defective one back.


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      Leupold and magnums

      I have had a 3x9 Leupold compact on a Rem 700 300 Wby for about 18 years, used it on at least a dozen sheep hunts, had it completely soaked an unknown number of times, run an est'd 2000+ rounds thru the rifle all with the same scope which had never been off the rifle since it was installed in 1988 and it looks pretty battle worn but still functions perfectly....which is pretty common for Leupolds - they take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.
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        AKCub: I'm guessing that the scope slipped in the rings somehow (rings not aligned properly, defective rings, not torqued down properly...). I had the same thing happen with my VX-II 2x7 compact. Zero stayed fairly close, but recoil caused the scope to move forward in the rings to the point where I couldn't turn the power ring. Most gunsmiths (and DIY's in the know) lap the rings prior to mounting scope, and put rosin (dry powder found in a rosin bag used by baseball pitchers) on both upper and lower rings to prevent this. Just my .02.



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          338wm to much recoil!?!?! NO

          AKCub: IMO the recoil from a 338WM should not have bothered a VX II 3x9. I have 3, VX II 3x9x40's. On a 30-06, 375 H&H and on a 458 WM. They have all seen lots of use and some abuse with out ANY problems.

          It is possible, I guess, that he got a bum scope? or something else may be wrong?
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            The good news is Leupold themselves. They're the best I've ever seen for sticking by their warranty and fast service. I had a 35-year old 3x9 with a Lee custom reticle go bad. I'm sure it's older, because that's how long ago I bought it used. Leupold had it back to me within a week, good as new and no repeat problems.

            As for recoil killing a VX II, maybe.... because anything can happen. But I've got another VX II that's spent the last 20+ years traded off between a 375 H&H, a 458 Winnie and a 460 Wby. Thousands and thousands of round. No sweat.
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              I think Markin is right. I had the same thing happen with a Leupold on my
              .375. The scope had moved just enough in the rings to jam the power ring against the rings and I couldn't move it. It was hard to see but that's what it was. The zero was still ok but I was stuck in 9x. Scope works fine on a different rifle with different rings, don't know why those rings didn't hold the scope well enough. But it wasn't the scope's fault, it was the mounters fault.


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                Tikka T3 Lites are very light rifles. When chambered in calibers like the 338 WM, they kick like a mad mule.

                I've got one in 300 WM. It is the hardest kicker in my arsenal, but it's also very accurate.

                And, since I carry the thing much more often than I shoot it, it's also my rifle of choice in open country. It has a Shepherd scope on it (and, sure enough, the scope has acted up, and has no more windage adjustment to the right).

                This season will likely be the last for that scope. Hopefully I won't have to replace the scope every year..............


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                  The issue isnt the rings or that the scope slid, its tits up on 9 X. He called Leupold this morning and they want him to send it to them and then they will fix it and send him one back. He's not happy! He is going to put a spare Nikon Monarch on it. And then sell his Leupold when he gets it back.


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                    How much does he want for it?
                    "Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
                    Merle Haggard


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                      I'm with BrownBear

                      How much? haha


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                        Leupold Scopes

                        Its Murphys Law that comes into play here. I have two rifles that have Leupies on for 9 and 11 years - been through a lot and nary a problem.
                        He is better off finding about it NOW than when he is in the field!


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                          Round Trip...

                          Five days to a new scope.

                          Fantastic customer service and quick return if you state the emergency.



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                            Had the same thing happen to me with my Tikka .338wm,but the scope came loose,anyhow lok-tite fixed that,but my scope hasnt gotten stuckl like your friends.


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                              All I know is I have a VX-III on my Tikka 300WM and nothing has happened to it, and the 300WM kicks pretty good too especially with HE loads.


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