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Can't get my Caulks out!!

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  • Can't get my Caulks out!!

    I am replacing the caulks in my boots and I have one (front tip of the boot) that is spinning around when I turn it(yes I am going in the right direction). I would like to hear from any of you that might have a solution for this problem. I know one spike aint much to fret over but it is in the very front of the sole and I feel that it reduces my potential traction for the uphill and this spike is worn down to a nub. Help me out here. Thanks.

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    Dennis, try to insert a small screwdriver,thin nail file, ect. underneath the stud apply upward pressure ,while you unscrew the stud. The idea is to cause the good threads to catch as you unscrew. Bill.
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      some tips

      The threaded cork receptacle is most likely spinning in the hard base rubber sole. Once that occurs, I've never been successful in getting the cork removed (just leave it alone). To help minimize this from happening, I remove all the corks on a brand new boot and apply grease or anti-seize compound to the cork threads and put them back in. Each time I replace worn out corks I dab them with grease. To make the replacement process quicker I cut the handle off a cork wrench and chuck it into a cordless drill. Don't overtighten!


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        Taking your caulks out in public is a felony! LOL


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