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    I have been a reader of this site for quite a while and have just registered.
    I would like for anyone with real life experience with the 45 70 (in a Marlin Lever Action with factory ammo) in regards to deer, moose ,elk and bear.

    I have a Guide Stainless that I plan to use this fall.

    I have seen many threads on many websites that talk about the 45 70, but no real experiences for the most part.

    I know that some people love to hop in on a thread and say,

    " My friend has a 45 70 and says it's fine,but I use the a 375 and it will drop whatever is out there. My suggestion is to get a 375 and load..................."

    I am aware of other calibres and their power and range. I am just trying to find some "real" 45 70 hunting info. Tales, stories etc.

    Thanks Guys

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    I think you will love this site:

    Enjoy. I would feel comfortable hunting any animal in Alaska with a 45-70 with a good hard cast bullet.


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      45-70 in Wyoming

      I have killed four black bears, and three elk with the 45-70.. DEAD RIGHT THERE!!!! but I do limit my range to 150 yds max.. HTH Les


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        Well being as how you said with factory ammo, I'll leave my input out as I only shoot reloads in my 45-70.


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          Factory Ammo

          Here's the deal.

          I have never reloaded before, but plan to get into it over the winter. This fall however I have ny budget blown on hunting gear so reloading might have to be a Christmas gift.

          The only problem I have with people giving info to my thread on reloading is that most of it is over my head, I don't know the poder types, the good dyes, etc.

          If you can offer me the basics on relaoding a good bullet and the things I'll need , it would be quite welcomed. Prices too.

          This Fall will be a factory load hunt though.


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            I bought one of the guide guns in 45/70 when they first came out and it's a favorite of mine plus I love the 45/70 and certainly don't feel undergunned when carrying it. It's taken black bear and deer with authority, the key is using the right bullets for the game you seek and knowing the limitations of your range. I'm not a reloader, for deer I used winchester or remington hollow points but for big game I reach for the Garrett hammerheads. I've shot targets out to 200 yds with these in my guide gun and could easily drop one into the chest of a moose or bear etc. and those hammerheads are unstoppable!! The 45/70 has been taking big game since the buffalo hunters used them to take buffalo out to 500 yds with black powder loads, you certainly have enough gun to take anything in north america.
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              Before buying any equipment, get a couple of reloading manuals, and thoroughly read them. You need to understand the basic steps of reloading, and the important measurements that go along with that.

              Once you understand the basics, then you can start asking more specific questions. If you're not willing to put the time in to educating yourself with the most important first steps of learning the basics, then stay away from reloading. I don't mean that as an insult, but in this day and age of follks wanting instant answers on the net, they might tend to follow wanting that instant results and thus skipping imorptant steps along the way.

              Reloading is actually fairly easy and straightforward, just follow all the steps. Now that maximum is a place you carefully aproach and don't go beyond.

              The 45-70 is a great round, but some over enthusiastic folks think they can make it perform like a 458 win mag. You can't, and advice from folks that say you can should be immediately dismissed.
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