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Late season sheep hunting

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  • Late season sheep hunting

    I must be nuts. I have a drop off sheep hunt planned in the Talkeetnas for Sept 15-20. If the weather doesn't change significantly, it could be more of an polar exploration trip than a hunt! Assuming we get into the field when planned, what do I need to know about sheep hunting that late? Gear, tactics, food, anything. I have hunted sheep in Sept before, but never this late. How does it differ from the early season hunt? Any info is appreciated! WW

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    Stay Warm Brother!

    We're not flying in until the I'm keeping my fingers crossed as well for a break in the weather. We're flying into the DCU and I called Delta F&G today and they said the snow that was on the ground had melted to about the 2000' level. The snow doesn't bother me, hopefully it will just push the sheep down a bit so I won't have to walk UP as much!

    We're just preparing for cooler weather...a little heavier coat, gators for our boots, good sleeping bags....anything to stay comforatable. Late sheep hunts can be great for a lot a reasons...less pressure from others, lower sheep elevations....of course you can get completely snowed in your tent....but the rewards are worth it!

    Good luck!


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      Late Season Sheep

      Sheep hunting can be awesome that last week of the season. It's just a roll of the dice with the weather. We're still a long ways out though, could be 70 degrees again by then. Who knows?!


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        late season sheep

        Good points guys, thanks. Perhaps some small snowshoes stashed at base camp too. WW


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          The biggest problem we have had with that late season hunt is the logistics and clothing selection of camping low in the rain, but moving into high frozen areas after our clothing is already soaked. On a 9 - day hunt our outer shells never were dry and so they would freeze in a wet pile in the vestibule each night to then be put on again the next morning.

          I would never do that hunt without plastic boots. You will want to be able to wear the liners in your bag to sleep them dry for the next day. I would also want a wide sleeping bag to fit all your other gear you want dried out. I slept so wedged in my bag with clothing all around me, but it was always dry in the morning. I now have a Wiggy's Mt Hunter bag and am very happy with it (probably not heavy enough for the late season).

          Also, it was amazing to us how low the sheep were. We had pretty heavy wind each day so that was also effecting the sheep. We found all our sheep in the bowls of big peaks, hunkered down in the fissures of the morraine left by glaciers.

          Good luck
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            The latest I've taken a sheep is September 16th. During that particular year it had snowed up high, but then melted back. The sheep that I took was within 50 feet of the top of the ridgeline, so they weren't pushed down by the snow...because it wasn't there. Come to think of it, every one of my August sheep were lower on the slope than this Sept. guy. That being said, it was still an awesome time of year to hunt. A little less daylight, a little colder nights, but still lots of fun. Actually, I preferred the cold in that it kept the meat better (was frozen by morning) and I sweated less on the climb, therefore was giving off less scent. Last year on my opening day ram I was really worried about the meat because of the near 80 degree temps and the bugs thick enough to choke on. No bugs and easy meat care? I'll take it any day. As an added plus, if you're lucky enough to come across a black bear after you get your sheep, the coats should be getting a lot nicer by mid-September. Just bring some decently warm gear and you should be fine. Good luck, and please share a report upon your return!


            Here's my September sheep. Notice the patches of snow in the was covered the previous week, but melted back due to some sunny weather. One can hope!


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              You are a stud, guy. I wouldnt wanna be hiking through those crags while they are snow and ice covered.

              You get my vote for tough guy of the day! Great photo.
              Proud to be an American!


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                that is a great photo.

                what was the temp and date it was taken?

                Cold Zero
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                  I bet that was a late archery only hunt in the Chugach, maybe Eklutna??


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                    That looks scary

                    Shortmag-That looks like "go home" time to me. Just when I'm starting to think I'm pretty hard core, someone shows something like that. Dang.


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                      Shortmag Tough

                      Now we see why Shortmag is able to post so many great trophy pictures! Thanks for the late season tips. That late archery hunt in the Chugach is as tough as they come...that's why only about 3 rams are killed each year out of 100 permits and sometimes less than 50% of the hunters even go into the mountains.


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