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    I'm considering the purchase of something to carry for Bear defense. I'm an avid bow hunter so the idea of a revolver has some appeal to me. I'm also considered a light weight shotgun or 45-70 guide gun. I've had 3 encounters with bears and 2 false charges. I feel its time to have something with me.

    I'm looking for some opinions from others. The revolver seems to make the most sense to be because a shotgun or guide gun would be more difficult to deal with in when bow hunting. I'm pretty certain that if its not somewhat "convenient" I'll probably not carry it.

    I'm considering a S&W 460V revolver (stainless, 5"). Does anyone else here have one? I like the idea of being able to use 45LC, .454 and .460 ammo in the same gun. Having 3 options of ammo sounds nice. It also gives me the idea that I can get used to the gun and more proficent with the 45LC ammo and work up to the .454/.460 ammo.

    Having said that I'm not a real big guys so the recoil of a hand gun like this makes me really consider the guide gun or shotgun.

    Please help me make my decision. What have you done or what would you do in my situation?

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    No offense Arctic Import, but this questions seems to come up monthly here.

    most recently in this thread:

    There are REAMS of info on this subject in the archives as well.

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      I'll be getting a S&W .500, probably with a 4" barrel. That, and some Buffalo Bore ammo, and I'll be sleeping well out in the sticks.
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