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    Hello Fellow hunters,

    Sept 9th, my dad, 2 friends and I will be headed up the Rex Trail. This will be our first trip on the Rex. I have researched about everything I can find, on this site and all other sites on the net, about Moose Hunting the "Rex Trail", Unit 20A, Wood river, Totatlanika, Tatlanika, Gold King Strip, etc, etc, etc. There are still lots of questions I have; I will find them out on my own this fall, but a little insight from anyone that has explored and/or hunted the Rex would be greatly appreciated. I am not looking for a "this is where you need to hunt", I am just looking for a rough idea of what lies ahead.

    -- I hear it’s like a Wal-Mart grand opening. What parking is available?

    -- I hear a lot of people hunt before the Totatlanika and others camp between the Totalanika and the Tatlanika. Is anybody familiar with area past the Tatlanika?

    -- It sounds like a lot of people camp close to the trail? is it open enough or possible to head north of the trail a couple miles? and camp? (I know south is closed to motorized vehicles)

    -- What is the vegetation like. willows, alder, tundra, swamps????

    -- What is the terrain like. flat, rolling hills, etc.???

    -- How deep are the Totatlanika and the Tatlanika, expecialy this year???

    -- I am not overly worried about mud.... but what is the deepest of water crossings along the trail?

    -**- The big question. I have read about moose on the first dozen miles of the trail but every thing I have read about farther down the trail..... It seems that everyone is tight-lipped on what the hunting is like. Anybody actually care to share a moose "hunting" story. How about Bear? Black or Brown?

    If you are still reading this long-winded plea for info, I thank you. If you leave any positive information, I am greatly appreciative.

    And I know somebody will ask: We are taking 2 midsize track-rigs. Ford I-6 gas engines, with mufflers. (They’re quite) 8,000 and 12,000 lbs winches and close to 600 ft of cable and 1-1/4" rope. And hopefully enough parts and tools to fix anything that could go wrong. (fingers crossed)

    I am looking forward to this adventure!!!
    Best of luck to all who enter the outdoors on their own adventures.


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    I was at the start of the trail Sunday. With all the rain it looked like it was under water. I'm going to go in soon and scout around. I'll let you know what I find. Should be a lot dryer by the time you go in.
    Good luck, Riverlover


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      AK4life, first of all in a "normal" year the rivers are 2-3 ft at the crossings, but with all the rain I don't know what they are going to be like. 2) Get back as far as you can go, since that should leave the 4 wheelers behind you. 3) I never went north of the rex other than on foot and didn't see much for trails. 4) never saw black bears except tracks along the rivers, griz yes but WAY back on the trail. 5) The terrain varies as you go, some of everything. 6) Most folks camp just off the trail. 7) Get back as far as you can go and head for the high ground to glass. The Rex has alot of Big holes in it and you will be pushing/ going through mucho water. Good Luck


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        Riverlover: Thanks for the feed back. Looking forward to what you find scouting!

        Debull: Thanks for the insight! I have the ignition system pulled as we speak, trying to water proof as much as possible. The Intake system is next. Much over 3ft of continued water running and I could develope a problem.


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          Deep holes

          I have hunted the Rex for the past few years. I always went in on big ATV's and never had a problem, but, there are alot of holes that are very deep. The trail is long and slow for the most part. In a track rig, you are pretty much stuck to the main trail, which is good, but the holes have a lot of deep water. Most Atv's go around the holes and really mess up the trail. I have always found that if you have a good enough atv, it's best to go straight thru and keep it steady on the gas. Also, for anyone else, you MUST have good tires. I have seen way to many people go in with stock tires and turn around half way in and go home, or sit there stuck and block the trail for everyone else. The Rex is a very fun trail to hunt and ride. I enjoy the ride in and out just as much as the hunting there. The post above are right on point. Go as far as you can and then go a little more. The first river can be bad after even a little rain which will stop all ATV's but with tracks you won't have any problem. But once you cross it, it's mostly swamp for 15 miles or so. Good hunting if you can sleep in your rig. Other than all this rambling, have fun and good luck.

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            Anybody down the Rex This week?!?!

            Just wondering how wet the trail is this week. Is it drying up any?


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              I didn't go down Rex Trail, but I was in that country. It dried up considerably from when the rains hit. The Rex has a lot of clay base soil. So I imagine the water hangs out in the holes.


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