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Double Team in the TMA

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  • Double Team in the TMA

    Okay, I finally have a moment to get some pics posted from a successful sheep hunt in the TMA. We headed to Tok on the morning of the 10th, fearful that there would be other hunters in "our" valley. Our fears were confirmed with two other vehicles at the trailhead. We headed in anyway to see what was going on. Met a 6-wheeler coming out. The two hunters had been there four days and hadn't seen a single sheep. We were encouraged that some of the competition was leaving, but bewildered by their lack of sightings. We'd done two scouting trips in there during July and had seen gobs of sheep and several legal rams. We made it to the head of the valley without seeing any other hunters and found rams that same evening. Long story short, I got on this ram on the 13th. 170 yard shot. 37 x 13.
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    Double Team TMA cont.

    Another view...
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      Double Team TMA cont.

      But we weren't done. We knew there was another ram in the area and the next day we found him and put on a textbook stalk. To good, as we peeked over the knob, there he was 10 yards away. The ram bolted across the bowl. We took off down the ridge line running like a pair of crazed mountain goats. Think we set a world record 200 yard dash time. We were able to catch up enough for my partner to take a 300 yard shot and nail this ram. Double broomed, 36 x 13 1/4.
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        Double Team in TMA cont.

        There were several keys to making this a successful hunt. The first and obvious was being in top shape. I trained all summer long, and we were able to walk all over those mountains. Up, down, sidehilling, we were able to cover a lot of ground elevation every day. Plus being able to sprint down that ridge and get in position for a shot wouldn't have happened if we weren't in top condition. Scouting. We did two weekends in the area in July. On the first trip I covered 35 miles and was able to eliminate a lot of country were there weren't any sheep. This allowed us to concentrate our efforts. Plus I found some legal rams. The second trip, reconfirmed areas with rams, and gave us good knowledge of the trails and movement patterns of the sheep. We were able to get both our rams on video prior to the hunt. Patience. The first couple stalk, we tried to make things happen and that didn't work. The day I got my ram, we kept waiting and waiting for him to make a wrong move and it finally paid off. Finally, having a sheep hunting partner you can totally trust is gold. Someone who wont slow you down and is just as passionate about the hunt is hard to come by.
        Another awesome thing about this hunt is that we got an excellent video out of it, including both kill shots. It's my new favorite movie and it hasn't even had any editing yet.

        Sigh, only 353 more days until sheep season.


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          great job!

          way to go Stephen. Wasnt aware you had drawn Tok. Looks like a great pair of rams....

          Proud to be an American!


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            Great Job

            Congratulations on the terrific rams and thanks for the good story.


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              Finally made it to a computer and am glad to see all the pictuers posted here!!
              Congratulations on the hunt and the double success


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                Beautiful sheep!

                Those are both beautiful sheep, but dang, your looks magnificent. Congrats on a very successful hunt. It goes to show how much the pre-season comes into play with success.


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                  God is good!!!

                  Nice pictures and story. Looks like the weather wasn't to nasty in the TMA. I want to see the video.


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                    Nice sheep Steve. What is the age on yours?


                    P.S. The moose at the airport are missing you!


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                      Nice rams

                      Great looking trophys. I saw about 3-4 other rams that look similar to the double broomed ram when I was in the TMA this year. Those boulder fields bring back memories.


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                        You know, I've always only put in for 14C tags since I know the area well and live close by (with some success, I might add), but all of these TMA pictures have got me seriously rethinking my approach. I might just have to put in for one of these tags this next year. Yowza! Nice rams...



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                          fullcurl and partner,

                          Awesome job! Those are both beautiful rams! I would post pictures of mine, but not sure how to post. Sheep hunting is AWESOME!!!!!



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                            TMA Sheep

                            Way to go guys! Sheep hunting is just so unique. You certainly did your homework with the scouting and your physical training! There is nothing else like it! Congratulations on a great hunt!


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                              Stephen and partner:

                              You guys know how to get it done!! You guys did your homework and came home with the goods. Great story and some great picks to back it up. I am fianlly under a 1 year wait for my first dall sheep hunt. This kinda stuff just gets me jacked for the 07 hunt!!!


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