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partition vs. accu bond

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  • partition vs. accu bond

    OK, I have heard from some of you that partition rounds are better for large game such as moose and bonded rounds are better for meduim game. I have gone on some other forums and people say the bonded bullets are the way to go for big game. Are they full of it? Should I not listen to people from the lower 48? Would somebody please give me the low down on exactly what round I should use for my Fall moose hunt. Many thanks

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    What caliber are you using? I would feel OK about using an Accubond for moose in a 338, but wouldn't want to use one in a 270 or 7mm. The heavier bullet will be more forgiving when impacting bone or on a quartering away shot. All things being equal I would use the partition and pick a heavy for caliber bullet. Like a 150 grain 270, 175 grain 7mm, 200 grain 30., or 250 grain 338.

    Remember that hitting an animal in the right spot is much more important than bullet design.


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      I am shooting a 7mm mag. So I should be good with 175 grain Partition? Will I be compromising range with the heaver grain? Also what brand do you recommend for a guy on a budget. Thanks for your help


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        I want you to go to this site. It will tell you everthing you want to know about guns and ammo and what works best by the leading folks in the world. You will find that premium bullets like the Partition and Barnes are the way to go. This site cuts all the bull and personal opinions out and goes by the facts...nothing else.


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          When you click on that hyperlink scroll down to ammunition and cartridges and then click onRounds for elk hunting. Elk are big too at least as big as a cow moose and the artical will talk about all the factory loadings for premium bullets. Pick any of them that are available in your area and you won't go wrong. Have fun on your hunt and be safe. Also share this link with others so we can all make the best informed choices we can. Good luck, my friend.



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            thank you all

            Thank you everyone. Your advice has really helped. I have come to the conclusion that I will just sepnd the extra couple bucks and get the nosler partition rounds, they seem to be the best for what I am going for. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do with the accu bond ammo I have already purchased. Probably should't practice with them right?


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              I use cheaper ammo for practice at the range and the better ammo for the sight-in and hunting. I like the 175 gr TBBC for the 7mm as well. I would not hesitate to use them on a moose. Spend the extra couple of dollars on better bullets for hunting, shoot the others at the range and have a great trip.


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                I have gone from the Partition to the Accubond in both my 06 and 338. I am unable to tell the difference in performance, all but two of the Accubond bullets have completely exited the animals I have hunted. Both were in caribou shot at 300 + yards and went length wise through the animal. Jim


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