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Camo for sheep hunting

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  • Camo for sheep hunting

    I recently bought a coated nylon rainsuit for sheep hunting. It was very inexpensive, waterproof, and the noise shouldn't be an issue in the high country above the brush. The only thing is, the coat is shiny green and the pants are shiny black. I bought them thinking it wouldn't matter, but what is your opinion? I have a white tyvek suit too- do I need to have camo?

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    The best camo for sheep hunting is not being seen.


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      camo, solid colors, noise discipline

      Originally posted by AkHunter45
      The best camo for sheep hunting is not being seen.


      black sticks out like a t--- in a punch bowl. solid colors of brown or o.d. green would be o.k. as you do not necessarily have to have camo.

      i avoid anything shiny or noisy as you do not want to be seen or heard. i prefer camo, as i will take any advantage i can get, no matter how small, if it is legal. why take a chance?

      cheap gear means you usually end up buying twice. good luck.
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        Good points guys, thanks. I chose this type of raingear partially on the advice of Tony Russ' book, he says PVC coated nylon taffeta is very tough. It is true that stitching can come loose, etc, but this stuff appears pretty well made despite being affordable. Perhaps some camo paint on the reverse side of my tyvek white suit...WW


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          camo in sheep country

          This year I took camo up there a bit more seriously. and I think it paid off.
          Inevitably one ends up glassing a sheep for some time, {unless its like some of there brutes on here lately. } and that concealment can buy you time.

          We watched our rams for about two hours this year--at very close range and very similar elevation, more than once they watched us intently only to finally go back contently to feeding.
          I'm sure the camo did its job. Whites would have been over the top and brought attention to us.
          Watch the WIND. Its often the killer up there in spite of a good, concealed stalk. Probably much more important.
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            Years ago I bought a $15 full-body camo over-suit from Army/Navy in Anchorage. It has faded to a grayish color that is absolutely perfect for sheep hunting. Last year when I was walking the ridge only 50 yards in front of my wife she said she totally lost sight of me for over an hour even though I was in plain view. I looked at pictures and it was very difficult to pick me out among the rocks and tundra. I know that sheep have better eyesight than humans, but I still think that that camo suit has aided me greatly in my success with sheep since I've owned it. Nothing can compensate for a slow, patient stalk, but good camo sure helps. The main problem is that most people have camo that is WAY too dark - designed for the hardwood forests of the lower 48. You need lighter stuff up here, especially in the rocks and tundra. Something with a grayish tint seems to work best for me.



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              Thanks Brian for the tip. Do you recall the type of fabric that suit is made of? Also, how much it weighed? I suppose something like that could also serve for sleeping, as long you didn't get it soaked first!


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