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  • Knives

    What have you Alaska residents found to be good all around knives for hunting use, I had 3 with me on this last black bear hunt and all but one that was coated by Ionbond rusted. I will admit I neglected them, I got caught up in the hunt and my buddies etc and forgot about them in my pack.


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    benchmade knives

    the best knife that i have found is the knife my stepfather uses and its a benchmade knfe with a straight blade not the stupid serated ( i cant spell) blade... he has used the same knife for 5 or so years now and has toughed out at least 6 bears, 5 moose, 2 caribou and who knows how many rabbits and fox's and sort.
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      When I lived there, I used 2 knives, a Schrade folder and a Buck 110 folding hunter. The buck was a little harder to sharpen but both worked well. Now I have spent the extra money and bought a Randall Model 25 with a stainless steel blade. I have been using this knife for 18 years and it works great. The draw back with a Randall is there is a 56 month wait to have one made, or if you can find one (e-Bay), they run $400-$500. Make sure you carry a sharpener with you to the mountains, you will need it, especially if bear hunting.


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        Knife For All Seasons

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          PUMA-Outdoor NO. 6378

          I have used this since the 70's, its never let me down!


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            One more question-Knives

            What would you want to see in a knife for the biggest critters and toughest conditions in North America?

            I want to see tough, least amount of maintenance, coated and easy to sharpen and a 3 knife set, chopper, skinner and boning knife.


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              Denali Wilderness Lodge

              Does anyone know the status of the Lodge? I understand its been sold. This would be Lynn Castle's old lodge on Wood River. It used to be an outstanding hunting lodge. My hunting partner used to work there and would love to go back. Thank you.

              Gary D.


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                I have to swear by my cutco serrated (Diamond-D) drop point and clip point knives. They aren't easy to sharpen, but I haven't had to sharpen them even after doing several animals. With my first (the clip point) I field dressed and eventually boned out 2 black bears, 3 caribou, and 3 moose before I ever sent it back to the factory to get re-sharpened. I just got a brand new drop point last year and it is still razor sharp. I dressed/boned a roadkill moose this winter with it is all so far though. I also like the blaze orange handles, they are much easier to find when I drop them in the muck.

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                  I've been using a Buck Vanguard for the last 5 years and its worked well on the black bears and caribou. I had to sharpen it after the third caribou on one trip and carry a stell for it. I've got others but this one seems to have migrated to "preferred" status.


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                    I've been using Helle knives for years. You only need a 2"- 2.5" blade to completely take care of skinning and field dressing an animal up here. I use a saw or hatchet to remove horns / antlers. Here's a photo of the knife I use.

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                      Thanks everybody,

                      Keep all of this coming, I will be passing on this info to my buddy Ken Onion the designer for Kershaw for review.



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                        ... the commercial fishing knife, straight blade. They are light, sharpen eaisily on a ceramic stick or steel, a little flex to the blade for caping and boning and best of all, they only cost $5-$8 each. I have done many moose, bear, caribou, wolf, birds and fish with the same knife for over 7 years. No need to cary anything else except a Wyoming saw for antlers and logging alder/birch for better photos.


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                          Buck Kalinga.

                          I have used this knife on Moose, Bear, and Caribou in Alaska. It has always done a great job for the past 12 years. Now that I live in Colorado you can add Deer and Elk to the list.


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                            I really like Gene Ingram's knives, especially the S30V blades.


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                              The same Cutco knife (Diamond D)that was talked about in a few previous posts...hands down the sharpest knife I've ever owned and they stay sharp. Skinned 2 bears on the Peninsula with mine and could still shave the hair off my arms afterwards. The best sharpening...FOR LIFE. After your hunt, just send it in to Cutco..if you need to...(probably not)...and it's back to you in less than 10 days and sharp as hell ready for the next hunt. I'll never use anything else.


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