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  • Additional Predator Control Methods?

    Hi all, I'm new here but the bear trapping discussion and all the comments within it about lowering non-resident tag fees and raising their harvest limits caused me to wonder how others would feel about the effectiveness of extending the "second degree of kinship" requirement allowing residents to take a brother, father, mother etc on a hunt normally requiring a professional guide? I know I have several close friends and relatives somewhat more distant than second degree of kinship who've expressed interest in hunting with me over the years, I'd love the opportunity to take them to one of the areas needing more predators hunted.

    I was also wondering if in the areas such as unit 13 where bears and wolves are still having such an impact, how it would turn out if we were able to get, say, an additonal 5 points consideration on a tier 2 application for each predator we harvested and checked in from the management unit? Or maybe even a free tier 2 ticket for a bear skull? I mean, shouldn't predator control be a part of the equation and definition of subsistance after all? (Oh, by the way, I'm not a trapper, so I want to be clear I don't think any trappers should get my tier 2 tag!)

    Thanks, Chris

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    Good point

    I think that making it legal for nonresidents to hunt grizz in alaska without a guide would be a great way to lower the populations a litle. I would definately be interested in a hunt like that. But I do believe that the alaska fish and game should somehow try to make sure that the hunter would have a back up shooter just in case something went wrong. Maybe thwey could sell non resident tags in sets of two to ensure that no body will hunt them alone.


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