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  • stock refinishing

    Does anyone out there know of a place to get my ruger m77 stock refinished? It is in fairly good shape with only a few scratches just needs some light sanding and finish. I would take it to wild west guns but I can get a brand new stock for what they charge. I would rather have one of you do it in your garage than give all my money away to some of these gunsmiths around town. I would do it but I live in an apartment. You can call me if interested. 929-7957

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    Good question...

    I am refinishing a Rem 700 .270 as we speak, & it's a lot of hard work, I found a website that has 9 (nine) steps to refishing & how many sub step within those's a lot of work...

    You could start it off by buffing the area that you want redone with some sand paper, start with 300-400 grain sandpaper, & lightly buff the area, & then hand it off to a journeyman refinisher...

    If you dont' find anyone, then heck, find a buddy with a garage & DIY...


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      You can cut down on the dust quite a bit if you are doing a full refinish. Use the edge of plate glass to take off the old finish, just go with the grain. Then sand for final finish and use the finish of your choice.
      There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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