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  • Sheep Scouting

    Made my first scouting trip this weekend into the Granites.. Found one small band with a good Ram and 3 sub legals. 2 & 1/2 monthes away but exciting!

    Going back in on Memorial Day to hike up to where we saw them and check things out more.

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    Thats great. My buddy and I are going scouting in a couple weeks also. We drew DS203 this year. I went in with another friend a few years ago and he got a ram. I got bit by the sheep bug bad. He had put in for DS203 for 23 years before getting drawn. This will be my second time GOING sheep hunting but my first time sheep hunting! Good luck to you!
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      Sheep fever

      Seems like sheep fever is starting to take over. There have been 7 or 8 sheep hanging out on the mountain about six miles from the Eagle River Nature Center. Nothing real big, but does get the blood moving.



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        Have fun scouting and then kill a big one and have a great hunt.


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