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    Okay sheep hunters...

    I'm a very new (only hunted 2 seasons) sheep hunter trying to get a sense of what everybody else experiences.

    I'll start this off with my own summary at the end of the post.

    So, here are my questions:

    1. What general location do you hunt? I'm not looking for spots here, just break it down to mountain range...For example, "Eastern Brooks Range" or "Central Alaska Range" is plenty close enough. If you were lucky enough to draw a TMA or DCUA or another tag and want to include that information, that'd be great.

    2. How long was your trip this year? How long do you you usually spend in the field?

    3. How many total sheep do you usually see per trip? How many rams? How many legal rams? How many did you decide to pass up because they were "squeakers" or you were unsure that they were legal?

    4. How many stalks did you make before you killed a sheep?

    5. Do you use whites?

    Here's a summary of my own experiences as a "for example"

    2005 season
    Kenai Peninsula
    1 trip/3 days, 1 trip/4 days

    First trip 8 sheep seen, no ewes, only 1 maybe legal, stalked to within rifle range but passed shot as I wasn't sure sheep was legal. No whites

    Second trip 4 sheep seen, no ewes, no legal rams. No whites

    2006 season
    Central Brooks Range
    1 trip/6 days
    16 total sheep seen, 15 rams, 2 legal, 1 "close but no cigar"
    2 stalks, 1 ram killed. Whites in pack, did not use.

    Thanks for your information! Feel free to add anything else you want to...GPS coords to that 40" ram (;


  • #2
    new hunter 2

    I have also done 2 hunts. Last year we went 2/3 and this year 1/2. THis is an all walk in hunt off the road system. We take whites, but only used them once. First hunt we took the first 2 legal sheep we saw and chased a bigger one 36-38" for three days. First hunt was 10 days, this year was only 7 due to inclement weather. Took one decent ram 35" and bolted, to much snow and fog. We usually see about 30-50 sheep and around 3-5 legals. Also pass up a couple of maybe's both times.


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