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    I lost a dear friend last weekend. My favorite pair of pac boots didn't survive the move from one house to the next. Seems the movers moved the storage container with a fork lift and punched a hole through one of the cartons, right through two pairs of hunting boots, my pacs and a pair of knee highs. No way to save them, so I did the only thing I could... I shot the other to put it out of its misery and buried them in the yard. The b_tch of it is, I just discovered this weekend and I leave for AK in 2 weeks. So I need a replaccement pair in a hurry.

    My outfitter's packing list included pac boots, an extra set of liners and knee highs. I'd like to get a pair of the Schnee 16" Hunter II pac boots. I'm not quite sure if I need the 16" version or if 13" would be suffucent. Better safe than sorry. What Iam interested in is if anyone knows how they fit. My foot tends to run around an 11.5 and I have a wide foot. I like a bit of room in a pac boots, but not sure if a 12 would suffice. If the run small then I may have to go to a 13. Looking for some help. I am also wondering how they perform in really wet conditions. I plan to add a coat of Montana Pitch to help. Thanks.

    As for the knee highs, I think I'll probably go with a pair of muck boots. The seem to be comfortable and fit me much better than the LaCrosse Alpha Burlys.


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    I am on my second pair of Schnees 13"hunter pacs. They perform flawlessly. Montana PitchBlend is the best boot grease in my opinion. I wear Goretex Gaiters over my pacs and can cross creeks just below the knee if done quickly. I have tried the tall 16"ers and did not like the weight and feel. Contact Schnees for sizing. They are out of Bozeman Montana. My old stomping ground! Good Luck on your trip!!


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      Schnee Pac Boot

      I love mine have had them for 8 years in southeast and still have dry feet. Call them and talk about size, one of my friends did and they sent him two pair, he paid for both, and he sent back the pair that was not quite right. They gave him his refund and they were the ones that wanted him to do this, they did not want him to miss his hunt. They have changed hands now but still an idea.


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        I second Brian's post. I have been wearing them for the past 15 years or so. Have hunted all over Alaska in them. I wear them daily in the field here in Southeast Alaska and wade in creeks and even salt water. As long as you keep them coated with Montana Pitch Blend they will keep the water out. Only time I have gotten wet feet is when I went over the top. I own two pairs and will finally have to replace one pair this year. Jim


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          keeping the water out of mine

          I brought a new pair down to the peninsula this past spring and I couldn't keep my feet dry. I used the pitch and the seam sealer but it didn't seem to help. One of the other guys I hunted with had the same experience as well. What explains the big difference?


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            13" or 16" model

            Seems there is a mixed review of the Schnee's with the majority being positive. I'll most likely order a pair of 12s and 13s, keep what fits and send the other back. What still isn't clear is wheather or not I should get the 13" or the 16" version.


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              Send this btt. 13" or 16"


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                Moot Point

                Well all this is a moot point now. I ordered the 16" version in both a 12 and 13. Package arrived last night. Neither pair fit.... too norrow Seems my foot is too wide. The 13s are too long in the toe by over an inch and they too snug in the width. Not as good sign. I've gone through painful break ins trying to gut it out till they stretch out on a couple of leather boots in the past. I've had decent luck having boots strecthed so they fit in the width. But since these are rubber bottoms, not an option. So its back to Schnee's they go.


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                  Check these guys out:


                  Schnee's is no longer owned by the Schnee family and from what I've heard they're falling fall short of their former reputation. That's unfortunate, but you can't hardly blame the Schnees for wanting to retire.

                  A 16" boot is really a riding boot (pronounced not very popular) and 13" is generally more than enough upper without the added weight. If you're worried about stream crossings then just get a pair of slip over waders from Marc Taylor at Wiggy's and you'll be set.

                  If you're an 11.5 then try a 12 in the 13" Grizzly.



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