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    Hello, I am needing some help to find out where to archor my boat on knights Island for a deer hunt. If there is a generous hunter that wants to share some info I would greatly appreciate it. I am looking at herring bay or lower herring bay and was wondering if those are good locations to archor and set up camp? If not what would you recommend? Thanks, waiting in hope for answers.

    Pastor Craig

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    When are you going, Craig? I don't have my maps in front of me, but I've done a lot of fishing near the Southwestern end of Knight Island and know some really nice little coves in there - tight openings, but really protected. I could give you some direction at a later time if you'd like.



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      A Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound

      Invest in a copy of "A Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound." You can buy it from this website or from boating/outdoor stores in Anchorage. It will tell you in detail about anchorages all around Knight Island and just about any other sizeable island in the sound. We never leave port without it.


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        Overnight at Knight

        I have been on the hook overnight in some of the bays surrounding Knight Island. Every location took some extra care getting the anchor to set. Closer to shore seemed better, the rocks were broken up offering a place for the anchor to settle, however, getting the proper scope for windy conditions near shore can be an issue. The book mentioned is a good one, it covers much of what you need to know.


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          Knight Island spot

          Hello Craig, I have some info that may help you. We were dropped off in a lovely spot in Herring Bay last November. I dont know how anchoring would be, but we were very sheltered from weather, so probably that would help. There was a nice beach for going ashore and a creek for fresh water. Also a nice level meadow just inside the brush on the beach gave us a great tent site. It was about halfway down the east shore of Herring Bay, just west of Louis Bay, if you need more info I will dig up the lat/lon for you. By the way, we saw some sign, but no deer in 5 days of hunting. Learned later that we probably should have climbed way high for them, there was no snow at that time to bring them down. We climbed some, but perhaps not enough. Awesome place. Fantastic rugged scenery.


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            Hey Guys,

            I really appreciate all the help! I bought the book that was recommended and love it. Wes if you want to give me info on the GPS coordinates I would greatly appreciate it. Again thanks for the help.

            Craig Hyder


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              Knight Island camp spot coordinates

              Hello Craig - here are the coordinates for the campsite N 60 degrees 27.426' by W 147 degrees 42.555'. From there if you look uphill generally to the east, you'll see you're in a saddle. Hike up the saddle across a meadow and through a few hundred yards of forest, and you should find a knoll on top of the "pass" that is a good vantage point for glassing. When are you going? We want stories!! WW


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                Hunt Dates

                Thanks Wes

                My hunt dates are Sept 1-10.



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