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  • Swede Lake Trail crossing

    I was curious if anybody had crossed the Middle Fork via the Swede Lake Trail since this rain has started. Over the past few years I've noticed the river has been harder and harder to cross. This spring I was unable to cross it (I was only on a bear hunt/exploration so the reward of making it across was not worth the risk of losing my 4 wheeler). I assume the water is even higher now, but if anybody has crossed it on a 4-wheeler lately I'd be interested in hearing about it.

    I plan on going 'bou and moose hunting 2nd week of September so I have until then to devise a plan to get across.

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    middle fork...

    Man, BTC, its a lost cause right now, you can etch that in stone. Even during mildly wet periods, that area can be tough to get across. This year? Whoa. I'd say its gonna be a no-go for quite a while. Maybe it will runoff quicker than expected though. I guy can wish, right?

    Good Luck with your hunts, you must have Tier II Nelchina bou tag?
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      Yeah, I got Tier II tags for the first time in about 8-10 years. I guess they are optimistic that the Nelchina Herd numbers are up.

      I kind of agree with your assessment of the river crossing. My old man takes in a Bombardier track rig, but he's retired and usually spends 3 weeks back there. I usually meet up with him midway through the season. This year could be a bit of a challenge...


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        Thats the same time frame I am looking at going in. Taking my truck in doing a bit of bear/ moose hunting. Wish I had gotten a caribou tag. Haven't been in there in Sept in ten years so it should be nteresting. Went in the week of July 4th and had a blast the trail was in pretty good shape BLM has made a lot of improvements. Good luck!

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