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  • peep sights?

    Hey all.
    most of my hunting is for deer out of juneau on admiralty Is.
    I usually use 450 gg. with a 4x scope. As a brush gun. But this year I want to make it a little more challenging and go with open sights. I got some xs ghost ring sights ive been shooting at the range. One day I do great the next weekend cant barely hit a paper plate at a 100yrds. The rear sight uses the scope rail holes to mount in. After the range today I remounted the rear sight to the forward scopemount holes and it seemed to make the peephole a little smaller and farther away so its easier to focus. Ill try this next weekend.

    Any tips on getting more consistent accuracy?

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    At times with my mini-14 I aim up in the sky first to get a clear view of the sights and bring it down on my target, works pretty good.
    The emphasis is on accuracy, not power!


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      Sight picture

      Hey MM, I'm in Juneau as well. I once tried to shoot a deer with my buddy's 45-70 with peep sights, and would definately recommend against it. It was difficult if not impossible to determine where on the deer you're sighting, especially if the deer is more than a few yards away. All you can see is hair through the tiny peep hole. That's been my experience...


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        The point of the peep is NOT to see it, rather to let it go out of focus while looking through it to focus on the front sight. In that light I want it as close to my eye as I can get it, because the more out of focus the better. When it's working right, you can use your rifle almost like a shotgun, because if you can see the front sight through the peep, the sights are all lined up and all you have to do is follow the front sight.

        It also helps immensely with speed and low light if you discipline yourself to shoot with both eyes open. I know, I know, folks have preached that for years, but I'm adding my voice to the chorus.

        Finally, you'll be happiest if dark settings if you only use the screw-in rear aperture for sighting in, then unscrew it and put it away. Shooting through the rear housing for the aperture creates a gigantic rear peep, and there's not a scope in the world that's faster, or easier to use quickly or at close range.

        I've got lots of rifles with peeps and lots without. But when the situation calls for quick shots at fast moving targets in low light, I grab a peep. The advantages really pop up if it's raining cats and dogs. No scope covers to mess with and no fogged scopes!
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          Brown bear is correct. Shoot with booth eyes open even when using a scope or shooting a handgun.
          When using a peep sight you should just focus on the front sight. Your eye will automatically center itself in the rear peep.
          Everyone should own at least one rifle equipped with a good peep. Don't let the lack of a scopes magnification fool you. A peep site can certaintly permit you to shoot 1 MOA or less if you and your rifle are up to it.


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            Did You try using an LED-Sight...

            Have a look at this:

            Shure not: Itīs brandnew... :-)



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              Snap shooting

              works best for me with a peep or "ghost" sight.
              If I go to the range and "work" at making a dead center shot - head for cover, I cannot say where it is going.
              If I just shoulder it and fire it is very accurate, not 1" at 100 but 3" is just fine. Like has been said here - ghost rings are designed for speed and effectiveness, not accuracy.
              Peeps are a little different, having much smaller apertures they can be more accurate but the smaller the aperture the less speed.
              There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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