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    I have a choice of 230gr Failsafe, 220gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw and 220gr Swift A-Frame 338 mag ammo for coastal grizzly hunt. Anyone with experience (first hand) with any of these factory loads on large coastal grizzly who could share their experience would be greatly appreciated. I know there are other options ,but because of timing and where I live the above are my choices. Thanks.

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    Do you mean the 225-grain Swift A-Frame bullets? I used them on my spring brown bear, but in .358 caliber at 3000 fps. All bullets exited on my bear, so I'd say the performance was pretty good.


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      Back from the range, both the failsafe and TBBC group well at 100, 1" or so, similar point of impact in fact. The Swift A Frame don't feed well in my rifle so they are out of the running. Now I will have to obsess between the two above, the FailSafes are about 10 years old so if I have to buy another box or two , the zero will be different possibly. I just bought the Federal TBBC so I can easily get some more same lot. The Swift Aframe load is to long for the chamber on my rifle, an unmodified Winchester 70, bought about 6 years ago, pre 64 style action by the way.


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        I'd go with the TBBC before the FailSafe, its a better penetrator.


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          Any of those bullets out of a 338 should kill anything in North America and most anything in Africa. I'd go with the bullet that shoots the best out of your rifle and gives you the most confidence.

          The main factor is hitting the bear in the right spot. If you do that any of these bullets will do great.


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            Thanks, TBBC it is! Hopefully I will be able to post some after action details in early October!


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              All of the above...

              I agree with Western on this one. Any of those bullets are a winner on brown bear. Go with the one that gives you the best groups out of your particular rifle.

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