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  • European sheep mount

    I have never really been into making mounts but I shot a nice sheep and did not save the cape and I was wondering if any of you had any advice on the best way to do a European sheep mount? Do the horns need to come off the skull and be reattached? Any ideas on the best way to whiten the skull? Thanks.


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    I"ve done them both ways and my advice is to take them off the core and let them air dry for some time. Other wise you'll br dealing with nasty smelling horns, there's nothing worse then the smell of a rotten sheep core,,,your wife would really love ya.
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      You definately want to take the horn shells off. If you cut around the base you can twist them off (after sweating in a plastic bag for a couple days sometimes). In my opinion the best way to preserve the skull is to take it to a beetle guy after removing the eyeballs and most of the meat. It's the best way to not compromise the bone joints. Boiling is BAD in my opinion. It stains and weakens the joints. There are kits available in several taxidermy catalogs if you want to do it yourself. Good luck


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        Remove from cores

        There's a good deal of tissue in there. You definitely need to remove the horns and clean them out. I soak the skull/horns in a garbage can for 2-3 weeks and then the horns can be twisted off. Once the horns are off I use a fillet knife to scrape as much of the membrane off as possible. Let them air dry for a couple weeks. I still boil skulls, but I clean off as much meat as possible first and definitely go easy on the boil time. I mix in some dawn dish soap and borax which draws out the oils. Then it's just a lot of painstaking picking with tweezers and knife to get all the bits off. There's a lot more to it to get the skull looking white and professional looking. Also you'll have to cut the horn cores down to get the horns to fit back on.


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          What about the teeth? I can't recall if I have seen sheep mounts with or without them. A few of my rams got knocked out during his nasty fall down a steep chute. I pulled the others out but still have them.
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            Usually the teeth are removed and cleaned. Then later put back in with an adhesive. I like things with character, and would put the broken ones back in. That's the way they were when you harvested it.


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