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  • Hunting advice for new Alaskan

    I'm about a month away from being an Alaskan Newbie. I'd like to do some hunting next year, but will be a non-resident through most of the fall. What are some good hunts for a non-resident that will be living in Eagle River? Where should a person start? I like hiking, but have an ATV if I can put it to use. I don't have the equipment for camping out in the sticks. I'm interested in everything from caribou to mt goats, but realize that some critters are better off for more experienced hunters or some one with a guide. I'm not out for the biggest of anything, just want to have some fun and hopefully put some meat in the freezer. I've hunted deer, elk, and antelope in Wyoming and Montana for 18 years. What are some good starter (non-resident value) hunts?

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    You might consider looking around for someone that would be willing to take you along with them on their hunt(s) next fall. Would be a good way to get some experience and save a few $$$. You could consider just forking out the cash for a hunting license and hunting small game (grouse and such) during the fall. Maybe later in the winter go for a winter caribou hunt. Just some thoughts.
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      well as a nonresident your limited to moose, caribou, deer,elk and black bear. Black bear is a great hunt gives you something to do in spring, kenai peninsula is a great spot and you can access it from the highway, check the archives on that one and the rest of these hunts as well.
      For a bowhunter, the haul road is hard to beat as far as accessablitity and just having fun, taylor highway in winter with a snogo is a good caribou hunt too. deer is great, have to drop some money to fly out, but might still be cheaper than the haul road, montague island and kodiak are great deer spots, do a search on yahoo or in here for info on who to go with and where. calling Anchorage fish and game with questions also is a big help, they can point you to the biologist that work the areas your itnerested in hunting. For the moose, draw a tag!! thats your best shot and scoring on a moose locally, the rest is just a four wheeler battle with the rest of anchorage/eagle river/palmer/wasilla, basiclly half of alaska.
      Good luck, get some specifics on what you want and ask some questions in here, most guys here have been there and are willing to help, just don't ask about sheep spots or trout
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