Big archery moose - where do I start?



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  • Big archery moose - where do I start?

    I am finally at the point to start thinking about heading to Alaska for moose. (in Arizona)

    Geese, where do I begin? Is there a strong section of Alaska known for big moose? How do I begin finding a guide with a good rep and record?

    Do I just pound the internet looking at guides and their pics?



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    Chris - One of the best things you could do is to spend days looking through the old forum archives here. There has been an incredible wealth of information posted over the past few years that will at least get you started in the right direction (dates, areas, gear, expectations, guide reviews, etc.) Once you get a general feel for things you can start posting specific questions here. You'll find that you'll get more and better responses when you ask specific questions about areas and guides instead of questions like "where can I hunt moose"? As you're no doubt aware, Alaska is HUGE and has many opportunities all over the state. Spend a few days reading, and then come with some more specific questions.

    One note about looking for a guide - we don't allow negative reviews here, but people are free to send Private Messages (PMs) sharing their experiences. If you post a question about a particular guide you'll probably hear both the good and the bad, although it will come in the form of a PM. As for just looking at guide's pictures, although that is fun it's probably not the best way to pick. There's a lot more to a quality guide than a fancy web page with some pics of big bulls. Ask around, check references, etc....and then come up for the hunt of a lifetime! Welcome to the forum, by the way.



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      thanks Brian, will do!


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