November Deer Hunt In PWS



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  • November Deer Hunt In PWS

    Just wondering how the deer hunting is in November on any of the islands in PWS. Is there snow on the ground then on the islands? The ANY deer hunt sounds nice. Any thoughts?

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    November is as good a time as any to hunt the sound. You can have snow any time from mid Oct on, it just depends on the year. I'd be more concerned about wind. Weather can be treacherous in the fall. Know what your boat can handle. Be sure you have a secure place to anchor if you're going with your own boat. That means you want a good soft bottom your anchor can dig into, and land between you and the wind to break the swell. Be prepared to be weathered in for several days to a couple weeks. Have plenty of food. And at a minimum have a good VHF radio and monitor channel 16 and channel 06. On the weather band use 02 if you're near Cordova, and 08 I believe in the western Sound. Give someone an idea of where you plan to go so if you're overdue, they have a starting point in looking for you.
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      If possible, plan your hunt around the full moon. That's the peak of the rut, and evreything that goes with it.
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