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Knight Island Brown Bear??

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  • Knight Island Brown Bear??

    During the opening week of deer season I was fortunate enough to go deer hunting on Knight Island. During my many hours of glassing I found was appeared to be a brown bear. Of course this brown animal was going over a ridge in the sunlight and difficult to identify. My understanding is that Knight Island doesn't have brown bear. Curious to know if they exist on the island or not.

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    I don't have any info on your question, but how did you do on your deer hunt? I've always wanted to hunt the Sound during opening week...maybe next year. Any luck?



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      I've spent alot of time on Knight Island and never seen a brown bear; lots of deer and black bear though...bear actually swim quite well and there's probably no reason that a bear couldn't have swam over from Montague so it's definitely would be interesting if it could be verified. Or, it could have been a brown or cinnamon phase black bear; there's plenty of those down here in southeast.


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